Will Your Sewer Line Make It Another Year?

A slight problem with your sewer line may only require a patch or cleaning to return it to suitable working conditions. If problems are caught early enough, you may not need a whole new sewer line. If small issues become major problems, then you may have to shut down your home until you have replacement or repair services for your main sewer line.

Signs You Need Your Sewer Line Serviced:

  • If you have sewage backing up into your home, it is considered an emergency because sewage is a hazard. Try to isolate the mess and call for sewer line services right away.
  • When you hear a gurgling sound after you flush the toilet, you could just need drain cleaning to get your plumbing system to work well. If you dismiss the problem, you may experience a clog that grows and causes sewage to back up into your pipes or a total clog.
  • If you run your dishwasher and noticed pieces of food and water backing up into your sink, then you may have a clog that isn’t allowing water to drain correctly. You could also have a clog further down in your sewer line that you only notice when you run a lot of water down a drain.
  • If you notice water rings around the drains in your basement, then you should have your sewer line checked. Water rings indicate a backup that may be because of a clog.
  • Water damage in your basement, such as cracks in the foundation or walls, are signs of a potential sewer line leak. When your sewer line leaks so much that it threatens the structure of your home, it is a severe problem that needs to be serviced promptly.
  • If you have a new rodent problem or notice more insects around your home or yard, then you could have sewage leaking into your yard. You may need a patch or a whole line replacement. An inspection can give you the answers about the seriousness of the leak and repairs required.
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