Taking Extra Care of Your Plumbing System This Summer Can Save Problems Down the Road | Mr. Rooter Santa Cruz, CA

Summertime in California means more beach days for most families, in addition to more time spent at home. This also means most of your plumbing is being occupied more often. More use means it’s more prone to getting stressed and needing maintenance or repair. We've compiled some useful tips and tricks to keep your plumbing running smoothly, so you can spend more time enjoying the famous California summer.

Pay attention to faucet or pipe leaks. This is the #1 repair in the state during the summer. If left unrepaired, leaky faucets or pipes can cause damage to your cabinetry and floors, and even create an environment for dangerous mold to grow. Aside from also being a waste of water, leaky plumbing can increase your water bill significantly. Be sure to check your faucets and any other plumbing regularly, including your sprinkler system, and to call a professional if you notice any leaks.

Slow drains and backups might be signs of a bigger issue. If you are seeing your drains backing up, smelling unpleasant odors from them, or hearing gurgling noises, you may have the problem of tree roots in your sewer line. Tree roots spread out in search of water more during the hot summer days and are more prone to become issues at this time. A professional plumber can ascertain whether or not your line has tree roots, and immediately take steps to remove them and get your drains running freely.

Be attentive to your appliances. Dishwashers, washing machines, and hot water heaters all get used with more frequency during the summer months. More kids at home means more dishes, laundry, showers, and toys in the toilet, after all. It is especially important to pay attention to cracks in hosing or other signs of stress, and to have them repaired immediately.

Paying more attention to your plumbing in the summer can help you to avoid some of the bigger problems associated with the season. If you think you may need an inspection or any repairs, reach out to us today at Mr. Rooter of Santa Cruz. Our team of professionals is well-versed in the summer plumbing needs of our area, as well as any other plumbing needs you may have.