Will a Tankless Water Heater System Work for a Large Santa Cruz Home?

Many homeowners in Santa Cruz and throughout California are switching to tankless water heater systems due to the increased energy efficiency and savings they offer in terms of utility costs and space, but are these systems right for every home?

One of the most common complaints about tankless water heater systems is that they only seem suitable for smaller properties, but this isn’t entirely true. Mr. Rooter in Santa Cruz wants you to make an informed decision about the water heater in your home if you have a larger home in the area.

Multiple Units Are a Potential Solution

For homes with multiple wings or homes with several water appliances, multiple tankless water heaters can ensure everything that needs hot water in the property can have it without interfering with other plumbing or appliances. For example, it’s possible to have a dedicated tankless water heater for a shower and another for the laundry room.

Size Is Important

Tankless water heaters come in many different sizes and fuel types. While one type of tankless water heater may not work for your large Santa Cruz home, a different size or fuel type could be the perfect fit. Mr. Rooter in Santa Cruz can help you weigh your options. Even larger tankless water heaters will take up less space than tank systems, so don’t worry about needing a larger water heater if you have any concerns about saving space.

A tankless water heater can mean greater energy and water efficiency in your Santa Cruz home. They’re easy to install and maintain, and while they may cost a bit more for installation than tank systems, they last much longer and will provide consistent savings over time.

If you’re skeptical about whether a tankless water heater is right for your large home in Santa Cruz, Mr. Rooter can inspect your current plumbing configuration and help you determine the right type of tankless water heater for your property. Contact us today and schedule an appointment with an experienced team of plumbing professionals.

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