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Do's And Don'ts Of Holiday Plumbing Emergencies

The holiday season is hectic enough without some kind of problem with your home’s appliances or plumbing. But believe it or not, plumbing malfunctions happen quite often this time of year. A combination of extra use and hurriedly trying to get tasks done will often lead to misuse of a plumbing system.

In fact, this is the time of year when plumber are busier than most other times of the year. Combine the extra use and bit of abuse with the cold weather outside and your plumbing system is at-risk for a number of plumbing emergencies.

Here are a few steps that you can follow if you are faced with a plumbing emergency in your home:

  • A plumbing emergency can sometimes include a flood of water. Whether it is from a burst pipe due to freezing or, from an overflow of water due to a clogged fixture the results are the same and can be very stressful. It is very important to stay calm during this time. Making hurried decisions in an effort to be helpful can actually lead to making the situation worse rather than better.
  • If you are faced with a broken pipe that is flooding water into your home, make sure to turn off the main water shut off valve. This will stop the water that is flowing through all of the pipes in your home and will significantly limit the amount of water damage that you are left with. If the flooding or overflow is localized to just one fixture or appliance, make sure to turn off the water to that one area. This is an especially helpful step if you have an overflowing toilet.
  • Don’t hesitate to call your local plumbing technician in the case of a holiday plumbing emergency. Describe the situation in detail and discuss any steps that you have taken to try and intervene or repair the issue.

If you have a plumbing emergency this holiday season, make sure to follow these steps to limit the amount of damage that is done to your home and plumbing system. While it may seem like the worst possible thing that could be happening, it is very common and a licensed and professional plumber will be able to help.