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3 Areas Of Your Plumbing System That Need Care This Fall

Holiday break from school is just around the corner and with that comes visits from friends and family. This is the time of year when everyone who comes to visits looks forward to have a delicious home cooked meal with a large group of friends and family.

While you are more than happy to accommodate – because you enjoy eating and visiting too! The question remains – Is your plumbing system ready to accommodate?

During these weeks, use the time to make sure that your plumbing system is in top working condition before family and friends arrive for an extended visit. Nothing would put a kink in your visit faster than an overflowing toilet or a clogged sink that won’t drain.

Here are some things for you to check on before the family descends:

  • Garbage disposal. Even if you are very careful about what you put in your garbage disposal, over time there will be a build-up. This is a good time to have your garbage disposal cleaned and the pipes scrubbed. As a home maintenance step, you can boil some water in a stockpot on the stove and then pour it down the garbage disposal drain. The heat from the water will soften any crud that has accumulated.
  • Water heater. If your water heater has never been drained, this would be a good time to talk with your plumbing professional about the options. Inside of your water heater, at the bottom of the tank, is a heating element. Over time, deposits from the water get left behind and accumulate on the bottom of the tank. This layer of sediment acts as a buffer between the heating element and the water in the tank. The system has to work even harder to heat the water, and in the cold weather that’s not good.
  • Sprinkler system. Make sure that your sprinkler system is turned to off and all of your outdoor water hoses are put away. A frozen water hose that is connected to your outdoor plumbing spigot will make a big mess for your plumbing system.

As you do your deep-cleaning and home decorating for the upcoming family time, make sure to add these plumbing maintenance checks to your chores. Just taking a few minutes to re-caulk the seal on the bottom of the toilet can make a big difference in preventing water damage to your flooring.

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