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Keep Your Kitchen Sink Clean With These Tips

The kitchen sink is the place in your home that you go to get your dishes clean so that you can use them over and over again. But, what do you do when you have a pile of dishes to wash and your kitchen sink is clogged?

A kitchen sink clog, leak, or other plumbing failure will cause the functions of your household to come to a screeching halt. Getting a drink of water, rinsing a dish after a snack, and even making ice could all be compounded and difficult by a kitchen sink malfunction.

Thankfully, maintenance is a great way to prevent trouble and there are many things that you can do as preventative maintenance to keep your kitchen sink in top working condition:

  • Scrub your kitchen sink each time you wash a load of dishes. Use a non-abrasive cleaning agent and a soft sponge or rag. Make sure not to use anything that will scratch your sink as these tiny grooves are the perfect place for germs and bacteria to hide and grow.
  • Add a mat to the bottom of your sink for dirty dishes to sit on but, water and other liquids to pass through. These mats not only prevent anything from accidently going into the garbage disposal but, they also protect the bottom of your sink from scratches and damage.
  • To make your kitchen sink sparkle and remove stains from things like coffee and food, use lemon juice and a sponge to clean it. Add a little bit of borax for a gentle scrubbing agent and clean all of the stains right out of your sink. This works for all sinks made from stainless steel, porcelain enamel, and all other materials.
  • At least once every few weeks, fill your sink with water that you have boiled on the stove. Once the sink is full, remove the drain stopper and let the hot water flow down the drain. The temperature of the water will soften any deposits in the drain and the force of the water will wash it all away.

The kitchen sink is a place where things go to get clean, so make sure you are keeping it clean and well-maintained by follow these simple tips. A clean and properly working kitchen sink will help to keep your tasks done on-time.

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