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Care for Your Plumbing This Spring with These 3 Tips

Spring cleaning involves more than simply clearing the inside of your home of dust and clutter. Some homeowners in Seattle, Washington tend to forget to put their plumbing system on their to-do list for spring cleaning. Not tending to the maintenance needs of your plumbing system can pave the way for a serious plumbing problem in the future.

Fortunately, there is still more than enough time to tackle plumbing upkeep tasks to secure your system is operating efficiently this season. Take a look at the following pointers to help you prepare for the warmest period of the year.

Clean Your Drains

Dust, dirt, and other debris tend to cause blocked drains, which can result in more critical issues if not handled efficiently and swiftly. Spring is the ideal time to schedule a professional drain cleaning to make sure no blockages are impeding your system's operations. A thorough wash for your drains can deter the effects of grease, dirt, residue, and other types of particles that have built up in your system during the year.

Check for Pipe Leaks

If you notice strange sounds coming from your pipes, any signs of water damage on the interior or exterior of your home, or rising water bills each month, your piping system may be experiencing a leak. While a dripping faucet might seem like no big deal, it can result in several gallons of water waste every day.

In order to avoid high utility bills and preserve the earth’s natural resources, you should consider calling a plumber to examine your system for signs of leaks. Remember, even a small leak can cause a serious problem as time goes on. An expert can identify small leaks, help you save money on future repairs, and prevent the likelihood of water damage.

Schedule Plumbing Maintenance Regularly

Many homeowners attempt to solve plumbing problems themselves to save money, but it is always best to hire a professional to inspect your pipes at least once a year. Professional technicians can conduct a comprehensive review of your system, discover any leaks, offer repair solutions, and give your drain a proper cleaning to ensure your system is working as it should.

Mr. Rooter iconAbout the Author: Vincent Sposari, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Seattle

Vinnie has been a trusted plumber since 1989 and a Mr. Rooter owner since 1992. With over 31 years to back him, Vinnie has experience with a wide range of plumbing related solutions and systems. He and his team specialize in plumbing repairs, drain cleaning, emergency plumbing, and more.