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How to Decrease Your Utility Bill This Spring

As the temperatures begin to rise across the nation, homeowners in Seattle, Washington are probably expecting to see their utility bills rise in the upcoming months. Everyone will begin to use their air conditioners in their homes and expect to pay heavily for the comfort. While using air conditioners in the summer is unavoidable, there are many strategies that homeowners can utilize to prevent their utility bills from reaching extremely high levels. Review the following pointers to keep your energy usage down this season while still cooling your home.

Open Your Windows

Moderate temperatures in the spring make the season the optimal time to open your windows. Let the fresh air provide your home with a breeze to help keep your rooms comfortable.

Use Fans

Moving air provides a cooling effect in a room. Turning on ceiling fans or plug-in fans allows homeowners to increase the temperature setting on their thermostat by four degrees without forfeiting their home's comfort.

Switch Out Your Air Conditioner’s Filters

Checking your air conditioning filters in order to determine whether they need cleaning or replacement can decrease your home's energy use by fifteen percent. In addition, replacing your unit's filters also keeps your AC working optimally and can prolong its life. Also look at the unit's evaporator coil, which you should clean on an annual basis.

Cover Ducts

Ducts are accountable for approximately 30 percent of an air conditioner's energy consumption.

Take the time to seal your ducts to prevent them from causing large amounts of air loss. This will help insulate your home and reduce your utility bills as well.

Caulk Openings

Along with making sure you seal any ducts, you should also use caulk to seal any fissures or openings in your home. Openings cause air loss and sealing them can reduce humidity and promote better air quality in your home. Examine areas surrounding doors, windows, attics, and basements in order to detect any openings you need to seal.

Shield Your Windows

Purchasing energy efficient window films or installing blinds or curtains to cover your windows can reduce the amount of heat pouring into your home by the sun's ultraviolet rays.