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Top 5 Reasons for Plumbing Video Inspections

A video camera inspection for your sewer line has many benefits. If you have concerns about the sewer system at your Seattle home, consider a video inspection by Mr. Rooter so that you can have all the facts about your sewer system.

  1. A video camera inspection is better than digging a trench through your lawn just to find a crack in the pipe. You could have many years of maintaining your lawn and landscaping destroyed by digging a trench.
  2. Inspecting your sewer line with a video camera is less disturbing to your neighbors than using loud equipment. The camera can quickly locate a clog in your sewer line, inspect the pipe to make sure there aren’t any breaks, and allow a plumber to know when the clog is gone, and the sewer line works well again.
  3. Using a video camera to inspect a sewer line is a benefit if you want to know what makes up the clog. This knowledge may be relevant if the clog keeps coming back. Knowing the composition of the clog is tree roots, or food debris can help you care for the problem before it happens again. If you just blast the clog out, then you may not know what the problem is and how to stop it from happening.
  4. A video camera inspection helps you save money. There is less time looking for a clog, and the repairs are faster if we know precisely where the problem is and how to fix it.
  5. If there is an idea that the sewer line has damage, but it is hard to find a video camera inspection can tell plumbers exactly where the problem is and how to fix the crack or hole.

Mr. Rooter in Seattle is available for video inspections for your plumbing so that you have answers to your plumbing problems and faster repairs.