Plumbing Replacement & Installation in Wilmington

Replacing Your Homes Water Lines

Your plumbing fixtures are some of the best parts of your home. From the toilet to the water heater, they bring a lot of convenience, comfort, and functionality to your space. Because of their importance, it's best to turn to the professionals at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Wilmington and Brunswick County for help. Our Wilmington team of plumbers will be there whenever you need to have a new plumbing or water fixture replaced or a new one installed.

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Some of the common plumbing repairs and installations we complete include:

  • Pipes - The reliability of the water lines that travel in, around, and throughout your home are important to your home's daily operations and your everyday life. Our team can complete the proper repiping and relining plumbing services needed to get things back on track, whether it's a rupture, cracked, or outdated pipe. We'll help you recover from damaged tree roots, frozen pipes, and more.
  • Water Heater - Water heaters are essential to a good shower and so much more. Our team will always attempt to repair your water heater. If things are beyond repair, we'll help you choose the best traditional or tankless water heater for your home and make sure it gets installed correctly – and with some of the best installation guarantees in the industry!
  • Faucets - From the bathroom to the kitchen, our Wilmington plumbers can replace your broken or outdated faucet. This will help you reduce your chance of leaks, saving you from hefty repair services and damaged property. And improve the appearance of your home!
  • Toilets - An improper toilet seal is a common culprit of bathroom water damage and inefficient plumbing. While only a small amount of water leaks, it happens during every flush. With a handful of flushes a day, it adds up and can cause damage to your flooring, including mold and mildew growth. Plus, cost you hundreds of dollars in water waste. Our team can help complete any repairs, as well as the professional installation of a replacement toilet to get your bathroom back in working order!
  • Garbage Disposal - Garbage disposals are often overlooked in the kitchen – until you flip it on and hear the sound of a fork screeching against the blades of your disposal. Whether your kitchen disposal isn't working the way it should or at all, our team can complete the proper installation of a new unit to restore the functionality of your kitchen sink.

Our Wilmington plumbers are ready to restore your plumbing system with a new water fixture or appliance – call us to schedule your service.

Professional Plumbing Replacement Near Me

Our team of experts specializes in all major brands of residential plumbing equipment, from toilets to water softeners. We provide top-notch replacement services that you can rely on - ensuring the best results for your home!

Upgrade your home in a flash! Mr. Rooter® Plumbing is at the ready with experienced, knowledgeable professionals to help you install modern and reliable plumbing fixtures for any project big or small. Don't let old pipes hold back your vision - take action now and transform your space today!

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