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Residential Clogged Drains Services in Midland Park, NJ

Mr. Rooter plumbingDiscovering a clog in one of your drains can put a damper on your whole day. Whether it is in your home or your office, a clogged drain can halt your daily activities, causing you a lot of stress and time. The team of expert plumbers at Mr. Rooter® in Midland Park are sensitive to the inconvenience of a clogged drain, and dedicated to providing exceptional drain cleaning service along with top-notch customer satisfaction.

There are several drains throughout your home and business, each of which are used several times per hour. With that volume of use, clogs are bound to happen. Mr. Rooter has the tools to relieve all sorts of different clogs, regardless of their location within the pipes and cause of the blockage. Our team recognizes how important it is to get your plumbing system back up and running quickly and with as little disruption as possible. Some examples of our drain cleaning services are:

  • Bathroom sinks: All sorts of things fall down the bathroom sink; q-tips, hair pins, rubber bands, in addition to the regular flood of hair products, soap, and shaving cream bathroom sinks can develop stubborn clogs. The experts at Mr. Rooter have the proper equipment to assess the cause of the clog and remove it.
  • Shower drains: There are few things worse that standing in the shower and seeing the water start to back up. This bacteria-filled water can cause leave a residue in your shower not to mention cause health concerns for you and your family. Hair, shampoo, and soap are the usual suspects and Mr. Rooter can handle them all!
  • Kitchen sink drains: Whether you’re an amateur chef and love being in the kitchen, or only eat take out and use the sink strictly for washing your hands, realizing a clog has developed is stressful. Mr. Rooter realizes that you just want your drainage system to work when you need it to and will do what it takes to get it working in peak condition in just a short period of time.

While a drain clog might seem like a minor problem, if left unchecked they can lead to major problems with your plumbing system. Having gray water back-up in any area of your house is cause for concern and a licensed professional should be called in quickly to get the clog removed.

Call us, your local expert drain specialist for all yourdrain cleaning service & repair needs!