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Garbage Disposal Tips from your Friendly Bend Oregon Plumber, Mr. Rooter

With the fall season upon, summer outings are coming to an end and many people will begin doing activities indoors like entertaining guests and having family over for dinner. This means the room in the house that is usually only used now and again, is going to be getting used a lot – the kitchen! Properly working kitchen plumbing is essential to a fun and relaxing dinner party, and the garbage disposal is most definitely part of that equation. When you begin your food preparation, follow these helpful guidelines to ensure that your garbage disposal is able to keep up with you!

  • Keeping your garbage disposal clean will reduce odor-causing bacteria and sour smells. After washing dishes and scraping the food into the disposal, pour a little bit of dish detergent into the disposal and let it run with cold water for a minute. This will “wash” the disposal and keep the odors away.
  • Using your garbage disposal frequently will reduce rust and corrosion. Grind food and waste in your garbage disposal regularly with a strong flow of cold water will ensure that the system stays working at its best without the inconvenience of build-up and rust.
  • Grinding egg shells and small bones creates a scouring action that scrubs the walls of the garbage disposal and cleans it.
  • Grind citrus peels in your disposal on a regular basis to freshen up the drain smells. The citrus oils work to kill bacteria and odors.
  • While coffee grinds will not harm your garbage disposal, and may actually help with odors, they do accumulate and build-up in your pipes and are a leading cause of drain clogs.

Remember to never grind anything in your garbage disposal that is not food. If you feel the blade in your garbage disposal are getting dull, toss a few chunks of ice down the drain and run the disposal. As the ice is chopped by the blades of the disposal they are sharpened and the walls of the disposal are scrubbed and cleaned. You can do this up to two times per month to keep your disposal sharp, clean, and in top working order. If you need garbage disposal repair or maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Central Oregon!