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What is that Plumbing Noise?

The noises in your home should come from the laughter and joy of your family and not your pipes and plumbing. When your plumbing was installed, the plumbers took care to make sure everything was installed quietly and working as efficiently as it needs to in order to perform all of the daily tasks you depend on.

However, over time or due to faulty installation, your pipes can begin to be noisier than the kids! The three most common noises that are found in pipes are referred to as whistling, water hammer and chattering. The most common of these is whistling, which is the noise that happens as water travels through your pipes at a high speed to get from the plumbing to your sink or tub. Many times, the noise is increased because of pipes that are too small. Installing larger pipes can often reduce the noise of water flowing through the pipes.

Water hammer is when there is a thumping noise when you turn your faucet on or off. To remedy this, you may need to have an air chamber or short length of pipe installed in the wall. This usually needs to be examined by a Licensed plumber, which Mr. Rooter of Bend happens to be, to determine the exact cause and how it should be fixed. Pipe chattering is usually caused by loose pipes or a pipe rubbing against another pipe or washer. Tightening these or replacing them is the correct repair method. Whatever sounds your pipes are making, there is a fix for it!

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