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Avoid These 3 Common Plumbing Failures

During the month of February, most people are making their plan for celebrating … or, avoiding … Valentine’s Day. This is the time of year when the stores are full of pink and red hearts and, you can get pretty much any kind of chocolate that you want.

But, all year around is the time to make sure that your plumbing system is in top working condition. While Valentine’s Day doesn’t hold the same weight as New Year’s, it is a day that would be completely ruined if a plumbing disaster happened.

The most common plumbing failure in homes across the Country involves the toilet. There are many problems that can go wrong with your toilet. Mostly, because it is one appliance that every person in the household uses, and they use it several times per day.

Unfortunately, the toilet is not always used the way that it was intended. Sometimes, people will flush things like q-tips and dental floss, which will cause serious clogs. But, there are things that can go wrong even if the toilet isn’t used as a trash can.

The key is to know the signs of a toilet malfunction, and then work to fix the issue sooner than later. Here are some common problems that can go wrong with your toilet:

  • Toilet doesn’t flush. Inside the tank of your toilet are a couple of things that work together to make the toilet flush. If there is an interruption in this “system” then, the toilet will not work. If you lift the lid of your toilet you will find a rubber flap that is connected by a chain to a plastic or metal arm. If the chain has gotten disconnected then the toilet won’t flush. Simply re-connect the chain and your toilet should flush perfectly.
  • Toilet constantly runs. This is a sign of an internal leak in your toilet (i.e., it is not leaking on the floor but, inside the toilet itself) and there are many reason this could be happening. One of the most common reasons is the lift chain (the chain that connects the rubber flat to the metal or plastic arm) is too short and does not allow the flap to close all the way.
  • Toilet won’t flush. If you have to hold the handle down on your toilet to get it to flush all the way, then your lift chain is probably too long. This causes the flap to open just enough to let some water in but, not enough to make a strong suction.

For the most part, problems with the toilet are easy to fix. Unfortunately, they can cause a serious interruption in your day because the toilet is such a vital part of your plumbing system. Make sure to use these troubleshooting tips to identify and fix your toilet issue quickly.

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