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Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Southern Oregon Guarantees Workmanship

At Mr. Rooter of Southern Oregon, we take pride in our high-quality customer service. Our friendly, uniformed plumbers are always happy to answer any questions you may have. We also guarantee workmanship and parts on all our commercial, residential, and emergency services. We want you to know that we trust our plumbers to do it right, and you should too.

Water-Jetting Services

Water-jetting technology uses water pressure to clear clogs and debris from dirty household drains. It is the easiest and most effective way to clean difficult clogs and prevent future drain issues. Once we clean pipes with water jetting, they are like new. Clogs can happen no matter how clean pipes are, so we recommend regular water-jetting services to maintain your pipes for longevity. To keep your drains as clean as possible after jetting, throw out fats and grease instead of pouring them down the drain or in the disposal, flush only toilet paper down the toilet, and add drain strainers to shower drains to catch hair. Call today about our water-jetting services.

Well Pump Repairs and Maintenance

The well pump is the pump at the bottom of the well that pumps water to the top of the well for use. When the well pump malfunctions, water pressure becomes low, dirty water comes from the tap, and air “spits” from the faucet. These symptoms are signs that the water pump is impacting the water supply.

Call Mr. Rooter today if you suspect your well pump needs repair. We schedule all our appointments around you, making sure that your well pump is up and running on your schedule. Call us for repairs or to schedule regular well pump service. Like any other form of plumbing, the key a long-lasting well is regular checkups.

Water Line Repairs

Water line damage affects the water supply to the entire house. Signs that there is damage to the water line are discoloration of the water, a drop in water pressure, and a consistently wet patch in your yard. Call Mr. Rooter if you notice any of these issues.

We offer low-impact underground water line repair solutions, such as trenchless pipe repair and plumbing video camera inspections. All our repairs are done to industry standards. We aim to make the process as hassle-free for you as possible and get the job done in a day or less.

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