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What Should Never Go Down Your Drain in Central Oregon

Some items should never go down the drain. It will cost a lot of money to call a plumber to come remove the clog, and they can cause damage to not only your own house, but also Olympia. Here are a few products to avoid in your drain.

Diapers and Feminine Care Items

To avoid an embarrassing situation, never flush a diaper or feminine care product down the toilet. Diapers absorb liquid, meaning they expand when they hit the water in the toilet pipes. Most likely a professional will need to remove the clog because it cannot dislodge with at home tools.

Hair and Dental Floss

The more hair and dental floss going down the drain, the bigger the clog. Eventually it will get caught and start to build up in your pipes, restricting the flow of water down the drain. The wax on dental floss can cause it to stick right to the sides of your pipes, causing more problems down the road. To make sure no hair or floss ends up down the drain, install a catch at the top of the drain and empty it on a regular basis.

Fat, Cooking Grease, and Oil

Dumping a pan full of grease down the drain may seem like a good idea at the time. But it can cause huge problems down the road. Grease hardens as it cools, sticking to the sides of the pipes and causing massive build ups. Other materials can get caught in the grease, including flushable wipes, leading to huge plumbing problems costing the city millions of dollars to fix. Instead of sending your grease down the drain, try freezing it in a paper cup and throwing it in the trash to biodegrade.

Coffee Grounds, Egg Shells, and Bones

Your garbage disposal may advertise it can shred these food items with ease, but it does not mean they should go down your drain. Any plumber can tell you there are a lot of cases of these items causing clogs in the drains of households every single year. Scrape plates and dishes well, then use the garbage disposal as a backup.