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5 Plumbing Tools Everyone Should Keep Around the House

Even if you prefer to call a professional in when you have a plumbing problem, you should keep some tools in your home if you every need to perform an emergency repair and cannot wait for a professional. Make sure you have these five plumbing tools around your house.


Screwdrivers are vital for any home improvement project, including plumbing repairs. Most of the parts in your plumbing system involve some type of screw. Some plumbing parts loosen over time so your home should have a screwdriver so you can tighten them up again, if needed.

Toilet Plunger

This is possibly the most basic plumbing tool. Toilet clogs occur frequently, especially in the summer when kids are home for the season. Keep a plunger in your bathroom so anyone can quickly fix a clog immediately after it happens. You can also keep a cup plunger around for clogged sinks and tubs.

Plumbing Tape

Plumbing tape is great for any project. If you are changing your showerhead, for example, plumbing tape can provide a temporary hold while you install joints and other parts for the new head. Plumbing tape is also helpful if any pipe in your home begins leaking and you need a temporary fix until you can make a more permanent repair.

Caulking Gun

If any separation appears in your bathroom tiles or between the toilet and the floor, a caulking gun is the ideal tool. Re-caulking an area will ensure that water or air will not sneak in. If you develop unwanted water beneath your sink or toilet, you could experience mildew-growth or other water-related problems. Keep a caulk gun around that you can pull out if you discover a small opening where there should not be one.

Pipe Wrench

A pipe wrench is an extremely useful plumbing tool. If you were not able to catch a clog with your toilet or cup plunger and it has already moved lower in your pipes, a pipe wrench is a necessity. You can separate the pipes and take out the clog by hand. Make sure to turn off the water before attemptingĀ  to take apart any plumbing pipes.


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