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Three Reasons to Have Your Drains Cleaned This Spring

Most homeowners in central Oregon know that blocked drains are a frequently occurring issue they are bound to face several times in their lifetime. Even though clogged drains happen repeatedly, there are a few tips you can employ to help you decrease the chances of clogs damaging your home and outdoor property. Consider these tips to reduce the development of blocked and clogged drains throughout the spring.

Never put grease or oils in your sinks. If these substances get down your drain, they will harden inside your pipes and result in clogging. Other materials that go down your drain also tend to stick to grease and oils, which can cause clogs to develop quickly.

Purchase drain strainers and have them installed if you do not already use them on your sinks. These are helpful tools to help prevent substances such as hair, soap, food particles, and other debris from making their way down your pipes and causing a clogged drain.

If you do not have a garbage disposal in your kitchen, do your best to ensure no food gets into your sink and down your drain. While mistakes will occur, there are some items you should be especially careful about excluding, such as the skins of fruits and vegetables, grains like pasta and bread, and eggshells. These materials can damage your garbage disposal and lead to serious clogs in your pipes.

Always have a flow of cold water on when running your garbage disposal. Cold water is more effective at clearing your pipes from debris that can cause a build-up. Chilled water will push harmful materials out of your pipes and keep your system clearer.

Refrain from flushing paper products that are not toilet paper down your toilet. Materials like paper towels, cotton balls, and napkins are too strong for your plumbing to deal with effectively and tend to cause clogs rapidly.

Take time every week to send a flow of hot water down the drains in your home. This will assist in pushing grease and other materials out of your system and prevent them from developing a blocked drain.

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