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What’s That Sound? Your Guide to Plumbing Noises

Is your plumbing making a weird noise? Depending on the sound you hear, you may be able to narrow down where it is coming from and what type of problem you are dealing with. Here is a quick guide to some of the common noises your plumbing makes:


A shrieking faucet means there is probably a loose or defective part in your faucet. Most of the time it is just easier to replace the entire faucet, especially when working by yourself. An expert may be able to help you properly diagnose the problem and help you order a new part if it is available.


A water hammer happens when a valve closes faster than it should, blocking the flow of water. In addition to the banging sound, it can also cause damage to your pipes by loosening up the joints. It is best to have a plumber take a look at the affected area and replace any parts as needed.


Pipes typically shake when water travels through them. The sheer force of water can make that happen. If it seems more than normal or loud enough to make a rattling noise, it might be time to tighten the hardware holding the pipe in place. Check for any loose attachments and tighten any straps holding the pipes in place. To fully fix the problem, you may need to venture into the walls. If you are not comfortable with this, it is best to call in the professionals.


A gurgling pipe indicates a clog somewhere in the line. If you hear the gurgling all through the house when you turn on a faucet, it’s a widespread problem that needs attention. If it is only heard in the one area of the house, you may be able to pull the clog out yourself with the right tools.

If you cannot figure out the source of the noise or where it is happening, it’s probably best to call in Mr. Rooter Southern Oregon. We have all the professional tools to help narrow down the problem, saving you from hours of extra work. Give us a call today and we can get started making your plumbing problems disappear.