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4 Signs Your Home Has Water Damage

Water damage is a serious issue for many Central Oregon homes. These problems can lead to mold growth, weak foundations, ceiling collapses, and many more hazards. Here are a few key signs you may be experiencing water damage in your home.

#1: You Notice Discoloration

Discoloration is a key sign of water damage, accompanied by both wet and dry textures. You may notice water spots and stains on your ceiling that look yellow, brown, or copper in color. In your walls, you could also see staining accompanied by cracking, peeling, or bubbling paint.

#2: You Find Pooling Water

One of the most obvious signs of water damage is water accumulation throughout your home. If you notice puddles around appliances such as water heaters, toilets, or washers, you could have an old or malfunctioning device. You may also notice standing water from your drainage pipes outside of your home.

#3: You Smell Foul Odors

Certain smells can indicate the presence of water damage. Mold and mildew smells are the most common, and may be a sign of underlying issues. You could smell water damage in your basements, your walls, and other areas of prolonged water accumulation. If you notice mold spots in addition to the smell, you definitely have water damage on your hands.

#4: You Notice Changes in Floor Texture

You may not notice water damage in your floors until you notice a change in texture, as this surface does not easily show discoloration in the same way that ceilings and walls do. You can notice warping in your floorboards, including gaps and curling, or buckling. Some spots in your floors may be sagging, sinking, or spongy or soft to the touch. In addition, your floors may expand when they soak up excess water, leading to separation.

Do you notice water damage in your Central Oregon home? Don’t wait to get a repair – not only can these issues worsen and cost more to fix in the long run, but water damage can be extremely dangerous to your health and safety. Contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing in Central Oregon today to schedule your water damage repair as soon as possible.

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