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Reasons to Have Your Drains Cleaned Over the Holidays

If you live in Central Oregon and have a problem with your drains clogging, it is vital to get them serviced before you have more people in your home for the holidays. The team at Mr. Rooter can visit your home and quickly have your pipes cleared so that you don’t have a plumbing emergency during a holiday event!

  • If you have a sewage odor coming from the pipes in your home or outside, you should have your plumbing system inspected right away. You could have a problem with your main sewer line! A broken or leaking sewer line will only get worse if you use the plumbing more often because you have guests or hold an event in your home.
  • A slow drain, or a total clog that you can’t get to move, needs an inspection promptly. If you have a complete clog, then you may have a much bigger problem if water and waste keep collecting. A qualified plumber can quickly get rid of the clog and assess the pipes for any potential damage or corrosion that needs repairing.
  • Drain cleaning can help if you are annoyed by noisy pipes. You may have plumbing that bangs, squeaks or sounds like cracking in your walls. Drain cleaning will help reduce the pressure in your pipes. Therefore, the noise reduces as well.
  • If you have your drains cleaned as soon as you suspect something wrong with your plumbing, then you may end up saving a lot of money that would’ve gone toward emergency plumbing repairs.
  • If you hear gurgling coming from your drains, this might be a problem with your sewer line. It is essential to have your pipes inspected right away so that you can avoid sewage backing up into your home.
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