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Do You Need to Have Your Drains Cleaned this Fall?

The early fall is a wonderful time to get your home ready for the colder months in Southern Oregon. If you want to make sure your plumbing is ready for the fall and winter, drain cleaning can give you the assurance you need to get through the months when your plumbing must work harder.

  • If the drains in your bathroom and kitchen are slow, then getting your pipes cleaned will make them flow properly. Having your drains cleaned can stop clogs that grow into a big problem later.
  • If you have a toilet that overflows, and needs regular plunging, having drain cleaning services will keep you away from the plunger longer. You won’t have to check to make sure that your toilet works all the time because flushing your toilet will work the way it is expected.
  • Sewer or water coming back into your drains is a good sign that you have a problem with the plumbing system. You could have a clog in your main sewer line or a minor clog in a secondary line. Get ahead of the problem, by having your drains cleaned to ensure that you don’t have a total clog this fall.
  • If you notice the smell of sewage in your drains, it could be small clogs in your drain lines or a major problem with your main sewer line. Consider drain cleaning and an inspection to make sure your lines are all clear.
  • If you notice that you use chemical drain cleaner regularly, then having your drains cleaned can keep you from having to get more. Chemical cleaners aren’t healthy for your pipes overall and won’t solve some clogs, such as tree roots. Having a professional drain cleaner get rid of the clogs in your home, by pushing them all through your main sewer line, should convince you that you no longer need chemicals to move a clog.