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4 Negative Impacts of Poor Rain Drain Maintenance and How to Avoid Them

When people think of flooding, they generally picture the devastating water levels after massive hurricane systems, as was witnessed in Houston, Texas, and most of Puerto Rico. Such natural disasters set us on edge and have us stocking up on bottled water and other essentials, preparing for the worst. But the truth is that there are many other forms of flooding, insidious how misleadingly minor they appear. Even small amounts of pooled, stagnant water can lead to serious issues in the long run. Here are four examples of negative impacts caused by poor rain drain maintenance.

1) Lost Income

Having to shutter your business while necessary repairs take place is costly, not only because of the expense of the repairs themselves but because of the income lost while your doors are shut. Alternatively, if the building affected is your own residential property, you may be forced to take time off of work to address the situation.

2) Damaged Property

Clogs in your rain drain can affect the plumbing in your building, leading to burst pipes and leaking water indoors. This can cause all sorts of water damage, both to your valuables and to the foundation of the property itself.

3) Increased Insurance Rates

If water damage is a constant issue, it is not unusual for insurance rates and deductibles to rise, as a way of compensating for repeat flooding claims.

4) Ill Health

Rain drain blockages can lead to health complications in one of three ways. First, the increased presence of water in your building can stimulate the growth of mold and fungus, interfering with the air quality of your home and affecting your respiratory system. Second, if blockages are severe enough, the increased pressure can cause pipes to break, allowing all sorts of contaminants to enter your plumbing. Third, dealing with plumbing complications can leave you in a perpetual state of extreme stress, which can also lead to poor health.

Avoid all of these impacts by simply keeping your rain drain in good shape with regular inspections from a professional. Contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Central Oregon and schedule your inspection today.


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