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Handling Water Damage and Repair, in 3 Easy Steps | Mr. Rooter Central OR

Water damage is generally unexpected and inconvenient, not to mention overwhelming. While it's a very common problem in Central Oregon, it's also difficult to know what to do first, or who to call. Using these 3 easy steps as a guide can help you to navigate the process more smoothly.

  1. As soon as you notice any water damage or leakage, shut the water off. Luckily, minor water damage from leaky pipes can usually be easily contained. This will keep further damage from happening and should be done before you even call a plumber. If you can't find the shutoff valve on your own, a plumbing services professional should be able to walk you through it over the phone.
  1. More severe water damage is usually characterized by ceiling or wall stains. Water seeping through the structure of a house is harder to see right away, which unfortunately means it has more time to do damage. If you are seeing water damage on walls or ceilings, the damage might also include structural damage and/or dangerous mold. Contracting with a licensed plumbing professional is crucial in these situations.

Bonus tip: If you've experienced severe water damage in your home, resulting in significant repairs, it may be a good time to update or remodel. Getting the bathroom of your dreams could be the silver lining to the unfortunate experience of water damage. It can also significantly increase the value of your home.

  1. Contracting a licensed plumbing professional is crucial. Whatever level of water damage you experience, it can create serious problems for your home. For this reason, it's additionally important to contract a licensed professional to do the repairs.

Whether it's for water damage or any other plumbing services you may need, contact us at Mr. Rooter of Central Oregon today. No matter how large or small the water damage, we are here to help.