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Drains are essential parts of your home plumbing system. They carry dirty water, and other refuse, into your pipes and either into your sewer system or septic tank. So, when your drains no longer function at peak capacity, you’re going to run into several issues.

How To Tell If Your Pipes Are Clogged

When you're facing a clogged drain, look to Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Clearwater for quality drain repair services in Clearwater. Our team provides quick responses and high-quality results.

Some signs of a clogged drain include:

  • Water begins to back up out of a sink drain.
  • Pools of water form around shower drains.
  • Toilet water bubbles when you run the sink.
  • Drains make gurgling sounds after running the washing machine or dishwasher.
  • Pools of water form on the floor close to the bathtub or sink.
  • There is a smell of rotting food coming from the kitchen sink area.

Some clogged drains are obvious. However, some clogs are harder to detect. For example, a slightly slow drain flow means there is a nascent clog somewhere in the drain. This precursor to a larger clog will continue to grow and accumulate debris. Once it grows large enough, the clog will completely prevent any water from flowing.

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DIY Drain Cleaning Tips

Luckily, many drain clogs can be solved with a few little do-it-yourself projects. However, if several drains are clogged, this indicates you have a blockage in your main sewer line. This needs to be resolved by a licensed Clearwater plumber.

However, if you have a simple clog in a bathroom sink, that is usually a fix you can manage independently - follow these simple steps!

  • Step 1, Hot Water - The best way to clear a slow drain is to pour boiling water down the drain. Many clogs are formed when fats and grease get stuck to the sides of pipes. For example, many bathroom sink clogs are made up of soap, toothpaste, and food particles. Pouring hot water down your drain helps melt the soap or toothpaste stuck to your pipes.
  • Step 2, Use a Plunger - Classic drain unclogging tools like the plunger is the go-to solution for most clogs. Make sure you’re using the right plunger for the right drain; there are different types for different situations. Plungers create a vacuum that can dislodge anything stuck to the sides of your pipe. However, this solution won’t work if the clog is too stubborn.
  • Step 3, Drain Snake - If the hot water trick doesn’t work, your next step is a dirty but effective solution. You can purchase a drain snake from your local hardware store, and use this tool on the clogged drain. Drain snakes work by physically breaking up the clog. This allows some of the debris to travel further down the pipe while also pulling out some of the clog. Discard whatever you catch into the trash so it doesn’t contribute to another clog.
  • Step 4, Call a Plumber for Drain Services Near You - If these solutions don’t work, we recommend calling a plumber for assistance. Stubborn clogs that can’t be solved with these simple DIY solutions might be too deep in your pipes for you to reach. Plumbers have hi-tech solutions to solve your clog that you might not have access to. They can utilize hydro-jetting technology and video cameras for your pipes.

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Are Drain Cleaners Safe For Pipes?

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No - drain cleaners are not safe for your pipes - If you’re wondering why we don’t recommend your average, store-bought drain cleaner, there’s a good reason we don’t.

Caustic drain cleaners use dangerous chemicals to burn through the clog. While this can be effective, the drain cleaner can eat through weaker pipes. This can cause serious damage to your plumbing system.

Additionally, these types of drain cleaners are dangerous to be around. Even the fumes can damage your eyes or lungs if you’re not careful. If you get any on your skin, you need to wash the area immediately.

Avoid Homemade Drain Cleaners

Additionally, take any homemade drain cleaner with a grain of salt. There are many articles online that recommend using baking soda and vinegar to clear a clog.

However, this can also be disastrous for your pipe. The chemical reaction can break a weakened plumbing system. Ultimately, using chemical drain cleaners is not worth the risk to yourself and your plumbing system.

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Experienced Drain Cleaners Near Me

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If you’re unfamiliar with the age of your plumbing system, you should call an experienced plumber to take a look. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Clearwater is dedicated to providing high-quality customer service.

Our Clearwater plumbers can examine the situation and quickly make recommendations. We will always take the best course of action to clear your drains.

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