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Plumbing FAQ - Why am I hearing knocking or rattling from my pipes?

Nothing is as worrisome as roaring, rattling noises coming from your pipes. These noises, called water hammer, can be indicative of two issues -- too much water pressure flowing through your pipes or loose mounts. These can lead to pipe bursts, which is a dangerous, almost lethal, situation to be in. Hence, here is what to lookout for if the sound coming from your pipes unsettles you:

  1. Loose Mounts


The rattling noise in your pipes may be a result of a loose fitting or mount somewhere in your pipeline. If any T-joints or corners are loosely tied, they can cause your pipes to rumble, and if this gets severe, your pipes will burst. Loose mounts can also cause leaking and can become a source of water damage on your walls. To combat this, make sure to meticulously check all your pipes during installation to avoid any instance of pipe bursting. If you discover loose pipes, make sure to tightly fasten your pipes to prevent any future problems.

  1. High Water Pressure


If you’re worried about the loud banging coming from your pipes, another cause could be too much water pressure in your pipes. You can notice this issue when you turn your faucet on and water quickly flows out or when you close your faucet and it releases a violent vibrating sound. To solve this and get rid of your worries, you can contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing to install a pressure regulator or a reduction valve, which can help your water to flow at a more reasonable speed. Not only will this solve your problem immediately, but also your plumbing will be more durable and last longer.

It’s crucial to make sure that you are taking proper care of your plumbing. Great plumbing allows your toilet to function well and will save you from unnecessary fixing costs. Hence, if your plumbing makes a peculiar sound, make sure to quickly identify these problems and get them fixed!

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