Residential Sewer Line Repair & Replacement in Corpus Christi, TX

Speedy Service for Broken Sewer Lines

A broken sewer line doesn’t have to be an expensive, stressful emergency. When you contact a professional, reliable company for residential sewer line repair and replacement in Corpus Christi, TX, the process can be as pain-free as possible. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Corpus Christi, we can quickly diagnose the problem with your sewer line and determine if it would be more cost-effective to repair or replace your sewer line.

Our unique trenchless sewer line replacement system means that even if you need to replace your residential sewer line, we’ll make sure there’s minimal disruption to your normal home life. We also offer innovative residential sewer line repair that is faster and easier than older methods. Just call our 24/7 live answering service to schedule an appointment to evaluate and inspect your sewer lines, and we’ll send a service professional to your home as soon as possible. We also offer online scheduling options, and you can request a job estimate online through our website.

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How Can I Tell if My Sewer Line Is Broken?

Watch for signs and symptoms of a broken sewer pipe or damaged sewer line. If you notice any of these warning signs, just call us today for residential sewer line repair or replacement in Corpus Christi or Rockport:

  • A strange gurgling noise from your toilet
  • No water or low water in your toilet even if you haven’t flushed
  • A bathtub or shower drain that is slow to drain or won’t drain
  • A backup of sewage in your shower, bathtub, or toilet
  • Noticeable sewer odors in your home, basement, or yard
  • Green grass suddenly growing around your sewage pipe
  • A flooded yard (when combined with one or more of the above signs)

The sooner you contact us for broken sewer line repair, the sooner you can get back to your normal household routine without inconvenience. We can quickly come out to your home, evaluate and inspect your sewer line, and determine if you need residential sewer line repair or replacement.

Why Is My Sewer Line Damaged?

There are a few different reasons that your sewer line may be damaged and knowing how sewer lines get damaged can help you prevent future problems. Here are some of the most common causes of broken sewer lines and sewer line damage:

  • Lack of maintenance for your sewer line or pipes
  • A buildup of gunk in the pipes, like hair, soap, fat, oil, grease, toilet paper, and other sludge
  • One or more tree roots that have intruded on the sewer line and caused damage
  • Consistent freezing and thawing of the ground
  • Regular or heavy earth movement from traffic, construction, or earthquakes
  • Age-related wear and tear on the pipes
  • Improper sewer pipe layout, installation, or design
  • Significant backup from the city’s sewer line

Our Residential Sewer Line Repair Options

If you’ve noticed any of the warning signs of a sewer line problem or broken sewer pipe, don’t worry! We can determine the extent of the problem and find a fast, cost-effective sewer line repair solution that works for you. We specialize in residential sewer line repair that is quick, easy, and as non-intrusive as possible so we can maximize convenience and minimize downtime. Here’s a look at our innovative residential sewer line repair options:

  • Pipe Relining - If you need new pipes, we can find the easiest, least invasive way to provide them. Our innovative pipe relining process allows us to give you new pipes from the inside out by using a sleeve lining to prevent pipe cracks and breaks. We first completely clean out the pipe and then apply a quick-hardening lining. Unlike traditional pipe repair and replacement, this method of sewer line repair is much faster, easier, cheaper, and less invasive.
  • Burst Pipe Hydraulic Replacement - If your sewer pipe is too damaged for pipe relining, we can pull a new sewer pipe through the old one to fully replace your pipes. This technique is also minimally disruptive and trenchless, and we use hydraulics to carefully break apart the damaged pipes to replace them with new ones.
  • Pipe Maintenance - Our preventative pipe maintenance services can prevent costly sewer line damage from occurring in the first place. We specialize in sewer line inspections and residential drain cleaning services that can clear out gunk and debris, identify early warning signs of problems, and prevent clogs, breaks, and damage. Just ask us about our Advantage Plan and how it can help you save money on plumbing services year-round.

Residential Sewer Line Replacement Services

There may be times when it will be more cost-effective for you to choose sewer line replacement rather than sewer line repair. If that is the case, we will be upfront and transparent about our residential sewer line replacement costs, how long it will take, and exactly what we’ll be doing. We use an innovative trenchless sewer line replacement solution that doesn’t require us to dig up your yard or damage your property in any way. Our trenchless sewer line replacement is faster, less expensive, and less intrusive than other methods.

Need Residential Sewer Line Repair in Corpus Christi?

If you’ve noticed warning signs of a sewer line problem, don’t worry - we’re here for you. Just contact us today at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Corpus Christi and we’ll send an experienced service professional to your home to inspect your sewer line and determine if you would benefit from residential sewer line repair or replacement. We offer convenient online scheduling options, a 24/7 live answering service, and preventative maintenance Advantage Plan that can help you prevent future plumbing problems. If you want to discuss residential sewer line repair costs in Corpus Christi or Rockport, TX, just call us today or request a job estimate online.

Frequent Sewer Line Repair & Replacement Questions

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Corpus Christi cares about all our customers’ service experiences whenever we provide service. Our sewer line repair and replacement solutions are a staple service that homeowners throughout Corpus Christi, Rockport, Robstown, and other Texas locations rely on to keep their systems running at their best. We also believe every customer deserves complete service transparency when they enlist our professional expertise and repair or replacement options. During your service experience, we gladly provide all the necessary information to help you make informed choices about caring for your sewer line. The best decisions will keep this essential system component in top condition while preventing sewer overflows. We can also advise you on when it’s necessary to reach out to a seasoned service provider for help. Below are a few standard questions area residents frequently ask about their sewer lines and how we can repair or replace them. You’re welcome to get in touch with us whenever more questions come to mind, or you need more information about the ones below.

What Causes Sewer Line Damage?

Various causes exist that can inflict damage to your sewer line, such as tree roots, earth movement, nearby construction, and the materials that flow down your sink, shower, tub, and toilet drains. Your kitchen garbage disposal may thoroughly break up discarded food scraps and waste materials so they flow down a drain without any issues, but those materials can still accumulate inside your pipes, causing problems in the not-too-distant future. Hair, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, chicken bones, rice, pasta, cooking grease, and other scraps and particles flowing through your sewer pipe potentially endanger its performance. These materials can collect inside pipes and lead to clogs that slow and eventually block water and waste flow entirely. However, you can perform simple measures to help prevent clogs, such as scraping waste off plates and disposing of it in your garbage can before taking it to your sink for a rinse. Additionally, regular drain cleaning can help you prevent these materials from collecting and blocking wastewater flow. Lastly, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Corpus Christi strongly urges households never to pour hot grease down their drains. You’ll need a highly trained service professional like our team members to assess your sewer line damage and determine its location and severity. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you haven’t had a professional sewer line check in a while or notice any signs of an issue.

Will My Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Sewer Line Repairs?

It’s uncommon for the average homeowner’s insurance policy coverage to include sewer line repair or replacement services. However, an industry accommodating this niche has emerged. You can perform a simple internet search to reveal at least several companies doing business in your area that offer supplemental or secondary insurance policies with sewer line-related cost coverage. On average, these policies typically cost about $20 a month, and you can secure $5,000 of benefits every year. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Corpus Christi strongly urges every household to go over this insurance type’s fine print before purchasing it to ensure the plan they acquire covers all the necessary sewer line repair and replacement expenses. Some people have had unfortunate experiences with their supplemental sewer line coverage because it ended up costing them additional out-of-pocket expenses. These insurance plans didn’t cover various parts of their repair or replacement services, including pavement restorations and excavation costs.

How Much Does Replacing a Sewer Line Cost?

While all of Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Corpus Christi’s services come at competitive prices, we know homeowners have concerns about how much it will ultimately cost them to replace their sewer lines. Honestly, one sewer line replacement job will always be different from all others in some way. With this in mind, your project’s overall cost depends on many factors, such as your sewer line’s total length and the amount of it we will need to replace to restore its condition and performance. Typically, you should expect your service costs to be between $55 and $95 for every foot of your installed pipe, which just covers your line’s replacement. Other factors impacting your sewer line replacement’s ultimate cost include possible landscaping replacement, excavation, and backfilling costs after we carry out trenchwork. An entire house-to-street sewer line replacement’s average cost for a homeowner lies between $4,000 and $25,000, but this project can cost more. Our service professionals will discuss your project, sewer line, and property details to determine an accurate job estimate.

Contact Us Today for Sewer Line Repair Solutions

As a seasoned local service provider for households throughout Corpus Christi and surrounding communities, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Corpus Christi is proud of our service history. Our highly trained team has completed countless sewer line repairs and replacements with long-lasting results. Homeowners get back their plumbing systems’ complete functionality for years to come. If your sewer line shows signs of an issue, such as a sewer system backup, we’ll gladly help you with our timely and conclusive solutions. With our professional expertise, skill set, and dedication to an outstanding service experience every time, you can relax knowing you’ve put your plumbing needs in some of the most capable hands. Contact us today to discuss your plumbing concerns with our team, request an accurate estimate, and schedule service at your home as quickly as possible.

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