At Mr. Rooter of Cimarron we understand how important your plumbing system is to ensuring your home or business plumbing flows smoothly. Even the smallest of issues can become larger and more dangerous issues overnight. All of our plumbers are licensed so you can rest assured any job you have Mr. Rooter handle, will be handled professionally, meet the local building codes and done with the highest quality workmanship.

From the moment you call us you will notice the difference in Mr. Rooter compared to other plumbing companies in the area. We strive to ensure your complete satisfaction. From showing up for the service call on time to cleaning our workstation after the job is completed. Plumbing problems happen. If they happen in Cimarron or surrounding Texas areas, you can count on the local & licensed technicians at Mr. Rooter!

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Plumbing Problem Signs and What They Mean

Inconsistent Water Pressure

Faulty water pressure, whether it is too strong or weak, at different settings is a clear sign of a plumbing problem. In most cases, the problem can be attributed to mineral build-up in the water exit points such as taps and showerheads, and thus require cleaning. In other instances, the problem may be due to a clog in the water lines, which impedes normal water flow, and will require cleaning efforts.

Slow Drains

Two signs, namely waste water backing up or taking too long to disappear, usually means a clogged drain. These clogs may be caused by the build-up of grease and grime, tree root intrusion, and the build-up of debris like tissue paper being caught among the roots that invaded your drainpipes. Drain unclogging methods like snaking or hydrojetting are required to remove the build-up and unsure smooth drain system operations.

Puddling in Your Lawn or Yard

If you notice puddling in your lawn or yard, or that the grounds are moist and wet despite the lack of rain, you may be experiencing a leak in your water line or sewer lines. The leak may be coming from a crack along the pipelines or in the bends and joints of the pipe lines. To determine the source of the leak, it is imperative that you seek the assistance of a professional plumber.

Hot Water Problems

Hot water problems come in different forms – from little or no hot water, inconsistent water temperature, leaks in your water heater tanks or lines, discolored water and so on. All these are indicative of water heater problems like sediment build-up or corrosion. If you are using gas powered water heaters and notice a smell of gas, no matter how faint it is, call a plumber immediately and vacate the house.

If you are seeing any of the signs above or experiencing trouble with your plumbing system, call Mr. Rooter now. We will get your plumbing system back into shape in not time with our fast and efficient team of expert plumbers and technicians. Since 1991, our team of highly and continually trained technicians has been answering the call for help.

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