Sump Pump Repair in Grand Rapids

Prompt, Professional Sump Pump Services

Need a licensed plumber to fix, replace, or install your sump pump? Count on our reputable plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Grand Rapids. Sump pumps play a crucial role in preventing flooding and water damage in our homes. Don't waste any time if yours is malfunctioning. Our sump pump services come with a warranty, and we provide 24/7 emergency assistance for your convenience.

To schedule your Grand Rapids sump pump service, call us today. Or you can request your service online.

6 Sump Pump Problems We Can Fix

Is your basement experiencing water accumulation despite having a sump pump? Or maybe your sump pump is running, but water isn't entering the pit? Look no further, we specialize in troubleshooting and fixing these common sump pump issues.

No matter the problem, we have got you covered. Contact us for assistance with:

  • Complete power failure.
  • Frozen and clogged discharge lines.
  • Overworked sump pumps.
  • A sump pump that runs continuously.
  • Empty the sump pit with the pump functioning.
  • Clogged sump pump and switch.

With our extensive experience in Grand Rapids and beyond, trust us to quickly repair your sump pump and restore your peace of mind.

Do I Need to Replace My Sump Pump?

If your sump pump is well past its prime, chances are you’ll need a replacement. But we won’t know one way or another until we’ve diagnosed the problem.

Having said that here are three signs that may indicate you need a new sump pump:


The age of your sump pump can be a critical factor in determining whether or not it needs replacement. Typically, sump pumps have a lifespan of around ten years. After this period, parts such as the impeller, motor, and switch will begin to wear down and become inefficient. In this case, it is essential to schedule an inspection to make sure it is still operational.

Strange Noises

Another sign that you need to replace your sump pump is when it starts making strange noises. Do you hear excessive rattling, grinding, or humming sounds when your sump pump operates? It might be an indication that it is struggling to function correctly. The causes of these strange noises can vary, but it could be due to a damaged impeller or an issue with the motor. A professional inspection of your sump pump will help you identify the root cause of the problem.

Sump Pump Doesn’t Pump

Lastly, if your sump pump isn't turning on or pumping water out, it's a clear indication that it is time for a replacement. Sump pumps are designed to activate automatically when water reaches a specific level. If you notice that your sump pump doesn't turn on when it should, it's a clear indication that something isn't working correctly. It could be due to a variety of reasons, such as a damaged switch or a blocked discharge pipe.

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Grand Rapids, we’ll thoroughly troubleshoot your broken sump pump. We will only suggest a replacement if we believe it’s absolutely necessary.

Need to book your Grand Rapids sump pump repair or replacement service? Request your service call online today. We offer 24/7 service.

We Warranty Our Sump Pump Services

For your peace of mind, we’ll back your sump pump service with a reliable warranty. We’re confident in our expertise, but we of course want to be confident in hiring us.

Per our Neighborly Done Right Promise, we’ll warranty your sump pump repair for 90 days. If you have us replace your sump pump, we’ll back it with a 1-year warranty. With us, we’ll get your job done right.

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