Commercial HydroScrub® Jetting in The Woodlands

What Is HydroScrub®?

HydroScrub® is an alternative to drain snaking that results in clear, clean pipes in less time, at lower cost, and with longer-lasting results. Rather than cutting a small hole in buildup and debris, HydroScrub® Jetting technology completely clears out your piping, restoring them to their original, clean state.

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How Does HydroScrub® Work?

Our unique HydroScrub® technology uses highly pressurized water to propel the unit through your piping and forcefully eject any buildup from your pipes, so it can drain to the sewer where it belongs.

HydroScrub® is perfect for commercial jobs because the nozzle is adaptable to any size pipe. We can handle projects of any size or scope, providing an industrial-level clean for your commercial cleaning project. We deliver high-quality plumbing services with both you and your customers in mind. We’ll complete the job quickly and efficiently, without any disruption to your business.

Drain Clog Removal

Are you sick of using your plunger to deal with clogs? If you find yourself calling a plumber frequently to run a conventional snake, it’s time to break the cycle. Your business will benefit from HydroScrub® technology, which addresses the root of the problem and completely clears your clogged pipes. One visit from us, and you’ll have a solution that lasts. Banish temporary fixes and call the professional plumbers at Mr. Rooter.

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