Clogged Drain Repair and Service in Spring

Finding that your kitchen sink or shower won’t drain properly is frustrating. As your home’s major drainage spots, when these areas don’t work, it’s hard to function properly in your home. Though they’re fairly common, clogged drains are a real pain to deal with. It’s hard to complete household tasks such as washing the dishes, bathing, and washing your hands with a clogged drain. Even if you’re able to create a temporary fix yourself, these clogs often come back and wreak havoc at inconvenient times. To avoid frustration and permanent damage, it’s best to call a professional to unclog your drains.

The experts at Mr. Rooter are the best in Spring, Texas, when it comes to timely responses, on-time service, effective methods, and lasting results. No other company provides our level of communication, so you always understand what we’re doing and why – all while working on your schedule so as not to disrupt your day.

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Not Sure If Your Drain Is Clogged?

What plumbing issues can appear to the untrained eye. Here are some signs that you have a clogged drain:

  • You notice water backing up out of the drain
  • Pools of water sit around the drain, especially in sinks and showers
  • These pools of water either drain slowly or do not drain at all
  • The toilet bubbles or gurgles when the sink is on
  • A rotting smell emanates from the drain
  • One or more drains smell like sewage (a sign of a clogged sewer drain)

If any of these sound familiar, it’s likely that you have a clog somewhere in your pipe. Before you call a plumber, try plunging the drain yourself by filling your sink with water and plunging the hole with a cup plunger.

When to Call A Drain Clog Professional

It’s possible that plunging the drain yourself will not be enough to fix the issue. Many drains have years of hair, rust, and soap buildup and require a professional to totally clear the pipe. Even without telltale signs of an emergency, your pipe system likely contains some sort of buildup. Without regular maintenance, this buildup can permanently damage your plumbing and create costly problems later. The best course of action is to call a professional regularly for routine pipe and drain maintenance. The experts at Mr. Rooter offer regular drain maintenance plans that are economical and provide peace of mind when it comes to your home’s drainage system. Having your home thoroughly and routinely inspected is the best way to be sure you never find yourself in an emergency.

I Have A Clogged Drain Emergency. What Do I Do?

Don’t panic. Mr. Rooter has 24/7 emergency service for when you find yourself in a sticky situation with your home’s drains. Your first step is to call us and get us on our way over to help. If there is a significant leak, we recommend turning off either the shutoff valve specific to the leak or your home’s main shutoff valve to stop more water flow while you wait for us to arrive.

Even our emergency services are backed by the famous Mr. Rooter guarantee. We promise to be open and honest with you about your home’s problem. We don’t use emergencies as an excuse to take advantage of your wallet. We guarantee the most up-to-date techniques and always opt to use a solution that is fast, effective, and economical for you. We back our parts and our work and are confident that we can help with whatever you need right on the spot. No job is too big or too small, too pre-planned, or too last minute for Mr. Rooter. Contact us today for all your plumbing needs.

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