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How to Take Care of Your Pipes in Northern Colorado

Most homeowners usually recognize plumbing problems when it’s too late to do any preventative care. We recommend doing preventative maintenance on your plumbing system to catch plumbing issues before they become even bigger plumbing problems. Here are a few of the ways we recommend homeowners in the northern Colorado and Denver areas to take preventative care of their pipes.

Don’t pour grease or solid items down the drain.

We do not recommend pouring things like grease, egg shells, coffee grounds, and solid items down your garbage disposal or drains. The items can be very damaging to both your drains and pipes, especially after continuously putting these items in your plumbing system. Dispose of these items in your trash can instead of your drains.

Use drain screens.

Drain screens are great to use in every drain of your home. Drain screens block large items from accidentally going down a drain. They block hair from going down shower drains and large food items from going down the kitchen sink. Drain screens prevent clogs and potential damage to your drains and pipes.

Keep an eye out for leaks.

Leaks are often a sign something is not right in your plumbing system. Most leaks go undetected until they’ve done damage to other parts of a home. If you notice moisture or puddles of water near pipes, it would be wise to check on the wellbeing of the surrounding pipes.

Know where you water shut-off valve is.

It’s very important to know where the water shut-off valve of your home is. If you ever have an issue with flooding, turning off the water supply to your home will shut off all water going into your home. Knowing where your water shut-off valve is and turning off can minimize the flooding of your home and the damage it may cause to your home.

Insulate exposed pipes.

Insulating the pipes outside of your home is very important for the cold weather we endure during the winter months in Denver and Northern Colorado area. Insulate the pipes outside of your home and insulate the walls around the pipes inside of your home before the weather gets too cold. It’s also smart to place a thermometer next to your pipes to make sure they are not at a temperature that would cause freezing.

Preventative maintenance of your pipes and plumbing system is a great way to avoid large plumbing issues in the future. Schedule a plumbing inspection with Mr. Rooter of Denver and Northern Colorado by calling (888) 468-7153 to make sure your plumbing is in the best shape!