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Why You Should Avoid Putting Certain Items Down Your Sink

Your garbage disposal is a strong appliance underneath your sink which is supposed to break down food and other particles to avoid letting them slip into your pipes and cause a clog. Many homeowners make the mistake of believing that garbage disposals can break down anything and put all types of food down there, but this is not the case. Although they are strong, there are certain foods which garbage disposals are not built to break down. We have listed the items you should avoid putting down your sink to help you prevent problems with your disposal.

What Items Shouldn't Go Down a Sink?

There are a number of steps you can take to make your garbage disposal operate more efficiently, including avoiding certain types of scraps. Many homeowners help prevent food particles from accidentally slipping down the drain by buying a sink strainer. Whether you are cooking, baking, or peeling potatoes, you should always be careful about what you let slip down the sink and in what amount. Even if your garbage disposal can handle a certain type of food, you should never overload it with a large quantity, such as a big pile of scraps.

The types of foods you should avoid putting down your sink include:

  • Oil and grease: You use all types of oil and grease for cooking, but when they get cold they can congeal inside the garbage disposal and pipes.
  • Meat: All types of meat, especially raw meat, gristle, and greasy meat are difficult for the garbage disposal to grind.
  • Potato skins: Potatoes have a lot of starch in them, which can clog up the garbage disposal parts and the pipes when it gets gummy.
  • Rice and pasta: Likewise, since pasta and rice are made up of a significant amount of starch, they can become slimy and prevent the garbage disposal from working properly.
  • Eggshells: Putting eggshells down the sink can cause the garbage disposal to suffer and wreak havoc on your pipes, especially if you use a dishwasher.

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