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Clogged drains can cause a number of problems for commercial properties, from creating a negative customer experience to affecting the way you and your team work. Whether you are a retail storefront, a restaurant, a manufacturing facility, or anything else, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Oneida can help with any clogged drain emergency.

Our team is available 24/7 to respond to incidents as they happen. Our technicians provide fast, professional service that can prevent a minor issue from turning into something serious – and something seriously expensive. We also offer preventive cleaning and maintenance services that help you avoid a problem in the first place. Make us your first call for any clogged drain issues in Oneida and beyond!

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What Are Some Common Signs of Clogged Drains?

Problems associated with clogged drains can include:

  • Flooding or overflows
  • Pipe and appliance damage
  • Foul smells
  • Bacterial contamination
  • Insect/rodent infestations

All the above not only cost money to fix, but they also cause you to lose customers and business and can involve extended downtime while repairs are being completed. Clearly, there is a benefit to taking care of clogs quickly and thoroughly and investing in regular preventive maintenance.

Why Do Drains Clog?

Built-up hair is one of the main causes of a clogged drain line in the home. For most businesses, however, this isn’t a problem. So what does cause drain clogging in commercial properties, and what steps can you take to prevent it from happening?

  • Fat, oil, and grease: Fat, oil, and grease (FOG) is the No. 1 cause of clogged drains in commercial facilities. Over time, they accumulate on the inner walls of your piping, causing slower drainage and ultimately complete blockages. This is a persistent problem in the restaurant and food service industries, as well as in any other operation where FOGs are not properly disposed of. Installing a grease trap, combined with better employee training, is the best thing you can do to prevent problems.
  • Foreign objects: Clogs can be caused by physical objects as well as built-up fats and grease. While these can be easier to fix, locating the source of the clog is often a time-consuming process. The best way to avoid a problem is to stop flushing anything down the toilet that isn’t meant to be flushed.
  • Tree roots: Overgrown tree roots are a common cause of clogging in sewer drain lines. Unfortunately, these problems are among the most difficult to fix, as they potentially involve replacing a portion of the piping. Periodic inspections, as well as more proactive system design, are the best ways to prevent the issue from occurring.

Determining the cause of a clogged drain will always involve some element of trial and error. The best way to expedite the process is to work with experienced commercial plumbers who know your facility and can quickly pinpoint the issue.

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Types of Drains

Mr. Rooter Plumbing is fully qualified to perform repairs and service to all types of commercial drains, including:

  • Restroom, shower, locker room, and other area-specific drains found in hospitality/food service, manufacturing, health care, education, and other facilities
  • Sanitary drains found in restaurants, food and beverage manufacturing, chemical and pharmaceutical, health care, and other facilities
  • Trench drains used in gas stations/auto repair shops, restaurants, zoos, amusement parks, and other operations
  • Catch basins installed in flat-bottom, v-bottom, and rounded-trench drains
  • Floor sinks found in industrial settings, such as food/beverage and other manufacturing plants
  • Deep sump drains found in dairy and meat processing plants, industrial kitchens, bottling plants, and other facilities with heavy volume requirements
  • Double-containment drains that manage condensation present in facilities and equipment subject to extreme temperature shifts

We are also fully qualified to work on other types of drains, such as kitchen sink drains, floor drains, washroom drains, and sewer main drains. Each type of plumbing system has different service and repair requirements, which is why it is so important to work with a plumber you can trust.

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