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When backflow occurs in your home, it’s an instance where the water begins flowing in the opposite direction than the plumbing system was originally intended for. Backflow is a serious plumbing issue that can lead to contamination of your home’s drinking water, potentially causing health concerns with waste, chemicals, pesticides, or other harmful materials. Many communities require proper backflow prevention plumbing devices to be installed throughout your home, but older homes may not include these features.

If you suspect your home may not have proper backflow prevention plumbing in place, call the team at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Oneida to perform a plumbing inspection and provide plumbing solutions intended to keep you and your family safe.

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What Causes Backflow in Home Plumbing Systems?

Backflow throughout your home’s plumbing system sounds like a serious issue, but how does backflow occur?

Often, backflow can happen due to the crossed connections in your home’s plumbing between potable and non-potable plumbing lines. For homes connected to a city water supply, water enters your home via a series of pipes that connect all homes and buildings throughout the area.

If plumbing systems aren’t functioning properly, then clean water traveling into your home can also leave you home following the same pathways. Backflow can then occur due to the following two events:

  • Back Pressure: This occurrence happens when the freshwater entering your home has a lower pressure than the supply existing within your plumbing.
  • Back Siphonage: When back siphonage occurs, the water coming into your home is higher than the water currently in your system.

For both back pressure and siphonage, the difference in pressure conditions eventually causes your clean and contaminated water lines and supplies to mix — leading to your clean water being contaminated with water from showers, toilets, sinks, and garbage disposals — or even chemicals from outdoor water sources like a hose.

Backflow Prevention Devices

While backflow is a dangerous probability for many homes, there are several backflow prevention plumbing solutions available to avoid this problem.

Most local building codes require that these plumbing devices be installed in communities where cross-connections exist. Common backflow plumbing solutions are available in reduced pressure backflow prevention gadgets — these involve two spring-loaded valves that block water from flowing in the wrong direction.

In addition to these pieces of hardware, several home appliances are constructed with backflow prevention devices, including:

  • Garbage disposals
  • Dishwashers
  • Toilets
  • Pools
  • Lawn irrigation systems
  • Faucets with hose attachments

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Backflow in your home is a serious plumbing issue that can lead to hazardous health effects. If you suspect your home is lacking proper backflow prevention plumbing devices, then call the plumbing experts at Mr. Rooter Plumbing in Oneida, NY.

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