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Taking Care of Sewer System Backups in Oneida

Support for Your Septic System Repair Needs

All sorts of objects can cause problems for your plumbing pipes — objects like debris, tree roots and more. When you have tree root intrusion, or a home sewer backup caused by other issues in Oneida or the surrounding area, Mr. Rooter® Plumbing of Oneida is your experienced, knowledgeable service provider.

We offer a team of highly skilled plumbing professionals who know residential sewer systems like no one else in the area. Count on us for 24/7 emergency services when you need septic system repair or home sewer backup at your Oneida home.

Signs You’re Experiencing a Sewer System Backup

Don’t let a home sewer backup sneak up on you. Keep an eye out for these warning signs at your residential property in Oneida:

  • Backups: It seems obvious, but keep an eye out for backups, which are a sure sign of sewer system backup. You might notice sewer backup in your toilets, showers, sinks or in some combination of those areas.
  • Odors: Because we are dealing with sewage backup, watch out for strong odors. If something doesn’t smell right in your home, check to see if one of your drain is the source of that odor.
  • Noises: If you hear gurgling or other strange noises coming from your sinks, tubs or toilets, you may have a sewer system backup issue.
  • Pooling: See pools of water forming around basement floor drain or in other areas of your home? Check to make sure your sewer backup is working properly.

Dealing With Tree Root Intrusions

Clogs and collapsed sewer lines can cause sewer system backup, but so can tree root intrusions. Condensation from your pipes can actually make the situation worse, as the condensation attracts tree roots that are searching for nourishment.

At Mr. Rooter® Plumbing, our technicians are adept at detecting tree root intrusion and know how easily they can travel toward and slip through your sewer pipes. When these plumbing professionals discover tree root intrusion, they can quickly make recommendations on how to resolve the problem and then perform the needed services.

If you think tree intrusion is at work, keep an eye out for backed up water in your toilets, tubs and sinks, and listen for gurgling sounds from drains. Seek help before your pipes burst and create a much bigger issue at your home.

Tree Root Intrusion Solutions

Tree root intrusion is a problem, but it’s a problem that has several solutions. Here’s a look at how Mr. Rooter® Plumbing treats the issue.

  • Maintenance: Maintenance is always the best place to start. At Mr. Rooter® Plumbing, we offer ongoing inspection services and drain-cleaning that helps prevent tree roots from getting too close or breaking through your pipes in order to cause a problem.
  • Pipe lining: If it’s too late to prevent tree root intrusion, pipe lining all of your pipes (or some of your pipes) can seal the leak and stop water from draining out. Best of all, pipe lining is an alternative to the more intensive approaches, like trenching and demolishing walls and other structures.
  • Pipe bursting: Our team is highly experienced at using hydraulics to take your old pipe out of service while installing a durable new pipe in its place.
  • Hydrojetting: Hydrojetting is a solution for clearing tree root intrusion in pipes. We use pressurized water jets to scour the line and remove anything that shouldn’t be there — tree roots included.
  • Rooter work and drain cleaning: This simple procedure includes punching through the root and clearing the line to restore full function. Once your pipes are back and working again, we can check the significance of the damage and make recommendations for a permanent solution.

Call in the Professionals at Mr. Rooter® Plumbing

When it comes to sewer system backup and other issues at your residential property, you need a team of professionals to come in and deliver expert service to get your home back up and running again. We also start with the least invasive option possible, and we always do whatever’s best for your home. Septic system repair is not something that do-it-yourself enthusiasts can take on, which is why we’re proud to support Oneida and the surrounding areas with home sewer backup services.

Seeing Signs of Septic System Backups

Another area where you want to avoid major issues, your septic system should get regular maintenance and inspection. In between maintenance and inspection visits, keep an eye on your system and look for the following sights you need septic system repair. Check for:

  • Black and smelly liquids that collect in toilets and drains.
  • Toilets that flush and drain slowly.
  • Slow-running drains throughout your house.
  • Wastewater coming through the soil around your septic system, which may or may not smell.
  • Unusually green grass around and covering your septic system, especially when the weather has been hot and dry.
  • A well filled with bacteria, which could contaminate your drinking water.
  • Weeds or algae appearing in a pond that is close to your home, which could be a sign that waste is discharging onto the water’s surface.
  • Unusually bad smells around the house, which could indicate a failing or vented septic system.

Mr. Rooter® of Oneida is always standing by to assist with septic system backup issues and other issues in your home. Contact us today for 24/7 emergency services by calling (315) 363-1565 or schedule an appointment online.