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Water Heater Repair & Replacement In Oneida, NY

Your home’s comfort and convenience are wrapped up in many of its appliances and systems. Your home’s hot water heater is an essential component in your household, allowing you to effectively wash dishes, do laundry and take nice long showers.

What do you do when you need electric or gas water heater troubleshooting or tankless water heater repair?

How It Works: Electric Water Heater Repair in Oneida

At Mr. Rooter of Oneida, we provide solutions for traditional and tankless water heater problems. When you are experiencing issues making it difficult for you to enjoy your home, we respond with a team of experienced, knowledgeable, friendly service professionals who can get your water heater back in working order again.

Ask A Water Heater Expert

Emergency Water Heater Repair Services

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing, our hot water repair team in Oneida specializes in saving our customers time and money through unmatched service and expertise.

We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to handle your emergency electric water heater repairs — whether you need a few things looked at or a total replacement.

How Soon Can You Expect a Water Heater Expert

The experts at Mr. Rooter Plumbing respond immediately to all your small water heater repair needs in Oneida. We will handle problems as soon as they occur to prevent minor issues from developing into major issues — even if it's in the middle of the night.

What to Do Until the Plumber Arrives

If you've noticed a leak in your water heater and have called a professional, try taking the following steps before the plumber arrives:

  • Confirm the leak's source.
  • Disconnect the power supply.
  • Disconnect the water supply.
  • Locate and diagnose the leak.

Common Issues with Electric Water Heaters

We can help, no matter the problem your electric water heater is experiencing and no matter the brand of your unit. Our team members know and understand water heaters inside and out, and they can quickly diagnose the problem and deliver the recommended solution.

Common issues with electric water heaters include:

  • No Hot Water: There is nothing more frustrating than a water heater that simply is not doing its job. Our team can go through a checklist of possible problems to identify the culprit.
  • Water That Is Too Hot: The first thing our team will do is take a look at your water heater’s temperature dial to make sure it is properly set up.
  • Not Enough Hot Water: If you are consistently running out of hot water, it may be time to choose a larger tank or to consider the benefits of a tankless water heater.
  • Discolored Water: Discolored or foul-smelling water is often the result of a water heater interacting with water that includes a high level of sulfates.
  • Noisy Water Heaters: Noises in water heaters are often related to hard water that has built up over time and created sediment pushing its way through the tank.

Gas Water Heater Repair

As a provider of comprehensive plumbing services in the Oneida area, we provide repairs for gas water heaters in addition to electric units. Again, our team is experienced in identifying problems and delivering solutions, and each of our team members treats you and your home with the utmost respect during the work.

Common Issues with Gas Water Heaters

Issues with electric and gas water heaters have some overlap, though gas water heater models experience a range of unique problems. Problems specific to gas water heaters include:

  • Main Burner Will Not Stay Lit: A faulty thermocouple may be the issue if the main burner is failing to stay lit.
  • Pilot Light Will Not Light: Again, the thermocouple may need attention if you are following the proper directions and the pilot light still does not light.
  • Pilot Light Will Not Stay Lit: Once more, checking the thermocouple often reveals the issue when a pilot light will not stay lit.
  • Slow Recovery: Clogged vents can often mean incredibly slow recovery times for your water heater — which is not great for a family or household that uses a lot of hot water.
  • Leaks in the Pressure Relief Valve: The pressure relief valve can sometimes vent water, which may give the homeowner the impression there is a significant leak that needs attention.

Tankless Water Heater Repair

Tankless water heaters are a modern marvel, but even these experience problems from time to time. Mr. Rooter of Oneida knows how to deliver solutions when you experience problems with your tankless water heater.

Common Issues with Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters represent the latest and greatest in water heating technology. They can help you save money and enjoy faster access to the hot water you need for comfort in your home.

Tankless water heater problems do crop up from time to time, including the possibility of failed ignition, failed flames, system overloads, mineral buildups, exhaust blockage and more. If you experience any of these challenges or other issues with your tankless water heater, call on the team at Mr. Rooter of Oneida.

New Hot Water Heater Versus Repair

If you're trying to decide whether to repair or replace your water heater, it's important to keep in mind that the life expectancy of a water heater is about eight to 12 years. While this timeframe can vary depending on the quality of installation, the unit's location and design, the maintenance schedule, and water quality, it's often time for a replacement if your small water heater is over ten years old.

Signs it's time to replace your hot water heater include:

  • A low volume of warm water
  • Rising heating bills
  • Corrosion on your water heater
  • Reddish discoloration in the water
  • If you need to call a professional for repair more than twice a year

Benefits of Calling Mr. Rooter Plumbing

With over 50 years of experience, you can count on the professionals at Mr. Rooter Plumbing to get the job right the first time around. Our plumbers will fix your water heater and guarantee the following:

  • No overtime charges
  • Upfront, flat-rate pricing
  • Licensed and insured
  • Uniformed professionals
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Workmanship and parts guaranteed
  • Convenient appointment times

Certifications and Licenses

Our plumbers are licensed and insured, meaning you can count on the services we provide. Since 1970, we've been committed to providing our clients with industry-leading plumbing services, including annual maintenance and emergency repairs.

Water Heater FAQ

Common small hot water heater questions and answers include:

How Can I Conserve Hot Water?

To conserve hot water, start by scheduling water heater maintenance to remove the buildup of sediment. You can also invest in low-flow showerheads.

Why Does the Water Take So Long to Heat Up?

Slow wait times are rarely a cause for concern and have to do with your home's plumbing. You may need to call sewer line repair or plumbing services to remedy the issue by altering your home's water circulation system.

What Is the Best Temperature Setting for a Water Heater?

One hundred twenty degrees Fahrenheit is a comfortable setting for most people.

Average Water Heater Repair Cost

While the average cost of repairing your water heater is $506, this figure may change depending on your heater's make and model.

Water Heater Repair Reviews in Oneida

See what our clients in Oneida, New York, say about our hot water heater repair and replacement services.

Call Mr. Rooter Plumbing in Oneida for Water Heater Repair & Replacement Services

It happens. An electric water heater offers no hot water, or a gas water heater provides water that is not hot enough, or a tankless water heater isn’t getting water as hot as it used to. No matter what type of water heater you use, and no matter what issue you face, let Mr. Rooter of Oneida help.

We are experts at providing electric water heater repair, tankless water heater repair, gas water heater repair and similar services in and around Oneida. When you need a new gas water heater thermocouple or when you have a tankless water heater with no hot water, we are ready to help.

Contact us today about water heater repair or replacement at your home.

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