Residential Drain Cleaning Service in Palm Desert, CA

Don’t Let Clogged Drains Interrupt Your Day

Don’t let clogged drains prevent you from going about your normal daily routine. If you have one or more clogged drains that can’t be cleared using a plunger or drain cleaner, you should call a professional for drain cleaning services. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Palm Desert, we offer speedy residential drain cleaning services in Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Indio, and La Quinta, CA, that will get your plumbing working perfectly again. Our drain cleaning services can solve even the toughest drain clogs so you can get back to your regular life with minimal disruption. Call our 24/7 live answering service or schedule an appointment online for drain cleaning service, and we’ll send a service professional to your home as soon as possible. If you’re concerned about drain cleaning service costs, you can request a job estimate online so you know exactly what to expect.

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Our Drain Cleaning Services

Our drain cleaning services are designed to cause as little disruption to your daily routine as possible. We work quickly and efficiently to clear clogs and flush out pipes without any muss or fuss. We can clear the following types of clogged drains with our plumbing drain cleaning services:

  • Kitchen Drains - If your kitchen sink or garbage disposal is clogged, we can quickly clear it. We can remove built-up food residue, grease, oil, fats, and sludge from your pipes so the drain runs again. We can also handle draining issues with dishwashers. 
  • Bathroom Drains - If your sink, shower, bathtub, or toilet is clogged, our drain cleaning services can get it running again. We use powerful drain rooters and plumbing snakes to remove hair, bathroom products, soap, and more from bathroom drains so they function perfectly again.
  • Laundry Room Drains - A clogged laundry room drain can cause flooding and water damage and affect the ability of your washing machine to drain properly. We can clear clogs in laundry room drains and remove dirt, debris, and soap residue.
  • Basement Drains - A basement drain clog can cause costly water damage and flooding. If the floor drain in your basement is clogged, we’ll get it clear with our drain cleaning services.
  • Sewer Drains - A clogged sewer drain can cause a sewer system backup. Our drain cleaning service will clear the clog before it turns into a bigger, costlier problem.

When to Call for Clogged Drain Cleaning Services

If you notice early warning signs of serious drain clogs in your home, you can call us for drain cleaning services before the issue gets bigger and costlier. Watch out for these symptoms of clogged drains in your home:

  • You have more than one clogged drain in your home
  • You keep finding standing water around drains
  • There is soap residue built up in your tub or shower because it drains so slowly
  • Your toilet keeps backing up or getting clogged
  • You notice sewer odors, rotten food smells, or musty odors coming from your drains
  • You’ve developed a pest or rodent problem
  • Your water bills have increased and you don’t know why
  • You find pools of water near plumbing fixtures, or signs of water damage like stains, buckling or peeling plaster and paint, warped wood, mold, musty smells, and rust
  • Your drains are making strange noises

After we complete our drain cleaning services, we recommend that customers schedule routine plumbing maintenance to prevent future plumbing problems like clogged drains, burst pipes, sewer line damage, water line damage, and sewer system backups. Our Advantage Plan makes it easier for our customers to schedule preventative maintenance services like drain cleaning, plumbing repairs, and plumbing inspections.

Benefits of Choosing Our Drain Cleaning Service

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Palm Desert, our drain cleaning services are speedy and minimally disruptive to your home life. We use a plumbing video camera inspection to identify the location, cause, and extent of your plumbing problems so we don’t need to get into your walls or floors. Once we find the source of the clog, we have professional tools and equipment to clear your drain quickly and easily. We use plumbing snakes, drain rooters, powerful drain cleaners, and more to keep your drains flowing easily and smoothly.

Need Info on Clogged Drain Cleaning Cost in Palm Desert?

Don’t let a clogged drain sit and get worse. Call us today at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Palm Desert for speedy drain cleaning services in Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Indio, and La Quinta, CA. If you’re concerned about drain cleaning service costs, we offer job estimates online so you know exactly what to expect. We offer flat rate pricing for many of our plumbing services, and we will never charge overtime fees. Plus, all of our workmanship and parts are guaranteed for your peace of mind. Call our 24/7 answering service, schedule an appointment online, or request a job estimate.

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