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Caring For Your Toilet Like A Pro!

Words to the wise from your friendly Sacramento Plumber, Mr Rooter!

Having a clogged toilet is bothersome, unsanitary and could be quite a mess if it backs up onto your bathroom floor. Usually, toilets clog because someone attempted to flush something that never should have been flushed. Older Sacramento homes are even more susceptible to problems such as these if the plumbing hasn’t been updated. Many people have no idea that some of the things they are flushing should always be disposed of in the trash can instead. In addition to causing toilet problems, every time your toilet flushes, it uses several gallons of water that simply need not be wasted to flush a single tissue after blowing your nose. Some items indicate on their packaging whether or not they are safe to flush, so check that out before deciding what to flush.

Paper towels, cotton balls and face tissues are commonly flushed and should not be. Even though they appear similar to toilet paper, they do not break down in the same way and can cause clogs. Baby wipes are also flushed often and should not be. There are some flushable baby wipes, so simply check the packaging. Cotton swabs are a frequent toilet clogging problem. Because they are long and straight, they often get stuck in the intricate pipe and drain system.

Gum, despite its small size can get stuck to the inside of your pipes and cause problems. Finally, hazardous chemicals can be dangerous for the toilet itself as well as the pipes so should be disposed of according to package directions.

Make sure to have a small waste basket beside your toilet so that everyone can conveniently dispose of these items appropriately and not cause messy toilet malfunctions!

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