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We’re Here for Residential Drain Cleaning Services

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Sacramento offers superior drain cleaning services in Sacramento, CA to keep wastewater running freely to your sewer line or septic system. Are you noticing signs of dirty or clogged drains? If you’re frustrated with this recurring problem or don't have the tools to clear a drain yourself, contact us for help today. We offer the convenience of upfront pricing, live representatives to take your call, and well-stocked work vehicles to tackle most issues on the initial visit.

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We Fight Dirty and Clogged Drains

Don’t let dirty or clogged drains slow you down. Our comprehensive plumbing services and industry knowledge ensure we can quickly diagnose and offer a solution to your problem. Through gravity, wastewater should flow freely down drains and exit your property. Keeping the pipes clean reduces odors from entering your home and minimizes the risk of clogs. You probably have a drain issue to deal with if you notice any of these signs:

  • Foul odors coming from the drain
  • A sink that drains slowly
  • Water that doesn’t drain at all
  • A toilet that doesn’t flush
  • Leaks at joints in pipes

Mr. Rooter service professional runs water in sink after drain cleaning

Home Remedies for Dirty or Clogged Drains

Homeowners can take steps to remove minor clogs and keep pipes clean. Incorporating these into your home maintenance routine can reduce your drain cleaning service cost over the years. If you have a clog, we don’t recommend using store-bought drain cleaner. These contain harsh chemicals that aren’t great for the water supply and can harm pipes if used too frequently. Try these steps instead:

  • Vinegar – White vinegar is an all-natural cleaner and, when used down the drain in small amounts, can help clean mineral buildup on the walls of pipes.
  • Vinegar and Baking Soda – Putting a couple of tablespoons of baking soda in the drain, followed by white vinegar, produces a slight chemical reaction. The fizzing and bubbling action can help loosen buildup as it works its way down the drain. This also fights bad smells.
  • Dish Liquid – Adding some dish liquid to your drain and letting it sit overnight can help break up grease that causes blockages. Flush the drain with hot water the next day.
  • Plunger – Plungers provide the best results for blocks and can be used in just about any drain in the house, including sinks, tubs, and toilets.

Why Do My Drains Keep Getting Clogged?

Repetitive problems can cause big headaches and frustration, especially if you run into a clog in the same drain over and over. As your trusted drain cleaner choice, we will provide thorough services to not only remove clogs, but we'll use our advanced technology to get pipes as clean as possible. Due to the nature of how we use our sinks and all that gets washed down them, dirty pipes and clogged drains will always be something we deal with. Common clogs are caused by:

  • Food waste
  • Soap scum
  • Toothpaste
  • Hair
  • Grease
  • Foreign objects

Should I Call a Service Professional for Drain Cleaning Services?

If you’re trying to manage a clog or dirty pipes and none of the DIY options above have provided results, it's time to call us. Stubborn clogs require stronger action, and these methods should be left to professionals. We may choose to use Snakes or HydroScrub® Jetting for the best results. Plus, if a plunger doesn't work, you could have an issue with your main drain or septic line, which requires special care.

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Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Sacramentois the #1 choice for residential drain cleaning services in Sacramento, CA. We go above and beyond customer service with guaranteed workmanship by our courteous and uniform service professionals. If you’re having issues with dirty or clogged drains at home, contact us for an appointment today.

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