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No Plumbing Problem Should Be Ignored

With Valentine’s Day upon us people can’t help but have love on their minds. We all show love in our own ways, and celebrate this day with all sorts of different gestures. Some are lavish and make a big impression, while others are more subtle and sincere.

While you are planning your Valentine’s Day festivities this year, don’t forget to pay some love to your plumbing system. The best way to do this is to create a maintenance plan. Your plumbing system is similar to a partner; you interact on a daily basis and you count on it to be there when you need it. Make sure that your plumbing system knows you care, by doing your part to keep it working properly.

Plumbing maintenance is the best way to ensure that these failures don’t escalate into something major. Typically, the more complex the failure is … the more expensive it is. But, regular plumbing maintenance can help to prevent all of this.

Here are just a few things that you should add to your plumbing maintenance plan:

  • Teach everyone (age-appropriate) in the home, where the main water shut-off valve is, and where the individual shut-off valves are. In the event of a toilet that is about to spill water all over the bathroom floor, knowing where the shut-off valve is can make a big difference. As-in, either you’re mopping up bacteria-filled water or, you’re not.
  • For every 10-minute shower that is taken in your home, 20 gallons of water is used. That is a lot of water. Imagine 20 one-gallon milk jugs lined up on your kitchen counter. So, it is important to keep your shower water-efficient. Check the rubber gasket inside the showerhead to make sure it is getting a good seal and not leaking.
  • Small plumbing troubles are usually fairly manageable. A leaky faucet will usually be caused by a clog in the drain or, a connection that needs a better seal. But, when these small issues are left unnoticed, they escalate into major issues and then you’ve got a big repair job on your hands. It is ALWAYS better to locate the small leaks before they get worse. To do this, make sure that you check your plumbing system regularly for signs of trouble.

A plumbing failure will interrupt – if not ruin – any day. Even if it is “just” a clogged sink, all operations in the room where the clog is will come to a halt. If that room happens to be the kitchen, even making a snack turns into a major production. Plumbing maintenance is the key to avoiding all of the trouble.