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Garbage Disposal Repair & Service in Sacramento

What is making My Garbage Disposal Drain Smell and Move Slowly?

What is that foul odor coming from your kitchen sink? The trash has been removed, is that foul odor coming from your garbage disposal drain? There are some things that you can do to sweeten up that foul disposer drain and yes, you can effectively keep the blades sharp on your garbage disposer with this technique. Ice, rock salt and citrus rinds! The ice and salt will keep blades chopping and the fresh scent of lemon will be very pleasant. When a garbage disposal jams, nothing will flow through the drain.

About this time every year, just before the holidays, we get a good many calls about problems with kitchen garbage disposal problems. It is easy to understand with all of the cooking and preparation that goes into a large dinner for friends and family, the one doing most of the cooking will want to make sure that the kitchen plumbing is in top order. That usually means addressing any problems with the unit. We can help!

Do you have a garbage disposal problem? Are you looking to install a food grinding appliance to enhance your kitchen? Do you have a unit that doesn’t work properly or smells bad and you are ready to repair or replace it with an updated unit? Call us for a free evaluation and one of our experienced plumbers can analyze your situation today!

Simple Things to Help Diagnose Garbage Disposal Leaks and Clogs

If water leaks from above the kitchen garbage disposer (that is, at the point where the disposer attaches to the sink), sometimes it could be as simple as tightening the mounting ring screws. If water leaks from the connection where the drain connects to the disposer, tighten the two screws on the drain adapter. You may need to replace the rubber gasket inside. If water seeps from the disposer housing, it is time to replace the unit. Here are a few more tips:

  • If the unit is making noise similar to a thumping or chattering sound during the filling cycle, it could be that the inlet valve needs to be replaced. Adjust the feet on the unit to correct the machine’s balance and make it level if necessary.
  • Never put your hand in the garbage disposal drain. Not even for a split second to quickly retrieve something. If you do drop something accidentally immediately turn off the switch to stop the appliance. Use pliers or tongs to pull the object out.
  • Is your garbage disposal unit leaking and you have checked all the connections and the unit still will not work properly? It could be a defective pump seal and you might want to call an appliance repair person specific to your make and model. We can replace the unit with a new one, installation and any necessary plumbing changes and connections included. Call us for details today!

Clearing a Jammed Garbage Disposer in 3 Easy Steps

A clogged disposer can be made worse by something jammed in the blades. If the disposer hums but won't run, it's jammed.

  1. Turn off the power to the unit and insert an impeller wrench into the square hole at the bottom and work the wrench back and forth to dislodge the item causing the jam.
  2. Turn the power on and reset the machine. If the motor still hums, shut the power off and push a piece of old broomstick (about 2-feet long) into the drain until it makes contact with the bottom of the disposer. Hold the stick against the side of the drain and push it in a circle to turn the impeller.
  3. If the broomstick spins the impeller, remove the object with tongs, a magnetic wand, or a piece of duct tape stuck in reverse on the end of the stick. Don't use your hand. Reset the disposer. If this method doesn't work, it's time to call a professional plumber.

Our fully-trained, plumbing professionals can get your garbage disposal plumbing problems resolved quickly and efficiently. We can also replace, install and do the plumbing on a brand new unit. Available 24/7 – including weekends and holidays – call us today for a free diagnosis of your plumbing problem. No trip fee and never an overtime charge.
Plumbing emergencies are our specialty!

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