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4 Most Common Summer Plumbing Issues

Along with the warm weather comes a specific set of plumbing issues. The California heat tends to exacerbate issues that, although present throughout the rest of the year, are more likely to occur in the summer. This season make sure to keep an eye out for these 4 common summer plumbing issues.

Clogged Garbage Disposal

Sacramento residents everywhere are planning their next barbecue. After your next cookout, be careful about what you try to put down the garbage disposal. Trying to stuff too many solid foods into your disposal, such as watermelon rinds and corn on the cob, raises the likelihood of it becoming clogged.

Clogged Toilets

One of the most unpleasant and, unfortunately, most frequent plumbing issues is a clogged toilet, which is especially likely to occur in the summer. With kids out of school, many families now have more people spending the day at home, which increases the strain on your toilet. Additionally, some children use too much toilet paper or flush objects they shouldn’t. Do your best to educate your children on how the toilet works to help avoid clogs.

Problems with Sprinklers

On those dry Sacramento summer days many people use their sprinklers more often than normal. However, sprinklers can experience damage or develop issues over the winter and spring. Make sure to thoroughly inspect your sprinklers before using them this summer and consider cleaning the heads. If something goes wrong with the sprinklers, this could lead to an expensive repair.

Issues with Washing Machine Hoses

Many homes are at a higher risk for washing machine hose issues in the summer. Children are spending more time outdoors, playing in the sand at a beach or running around outside. Due to the increased activity outside, it is common for homes to have a larger pile of laundry for each load. This can put extra strain on your washing machine hoses. Try to stay home while you are running a load of laundry so that you can immediately be aware of a problem and call a professional if a hose bursts or another issue occurs. It is also a good idea to move the washer slightly off of the wall to help keep the hose clear of kinks.