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Spring Plumbing Tips to Help You Save Money

As the season shifts once again, it is crucial for homeowners in the Sacramento area to consider all areas of their home and how they are operating, including the plumbing. A faulty plumbing system can have dire consequences for a home. Follow these plumbing pointers this spring to ensure your system is functioning optimally.

Install a New Shower Head

Upgrading your shower head to an energy efficient model can improve the water pressure in your shower and help you save money on your utility bills each month. Modern models decrease an average home's water consumption by at least twenty percent without sacrificing the comfort of your daily showers.

Get Your Drains Examined

If you haven't had your home's plumbing examined yet this year, spring is the perfect time to schedule an inspection to ensure your system is running properly. A professional inspection allows you to detect issues including weak pipes, which can cause serious damage to your home if they should burst. There are numerous plumbing problems that go unnoticed, so hiring an expert plumbing technician for a thorough examination is the best way to assure the efficiency of your system.

Clean Your Gutters

Sticks, leaves, petals, dirt, and other debris are prone to accumulating within pipes and gutters during the spring time. If you have not cleared out your gutters on a regular basis during the season, it can create a large build up and clog your system. In order to avoid the expense and hassle associated with major water damage on the interior and exterior of your home, make time to clean your gutters and ensure they are functional this season.

Examine Hose Faucets

Many homeowners don't use their outdoor hoses during the colder months. If you have kept your hoses turned off for a while, be sure to test them before you go to use them this spring. Switching them on and off can allow you see how they are working and detect any signs of leaks. If you see any cracks or fissures, be sure to call an expert to come look at the problem and have it repaired before you need to use your hose this season.