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Key Thanksgiving Plumbing Pointers for Homeowners in Sacramento, California

Thanksgiving is almost here, which means that many residents in Sacramento, California, are starting to get their homes prepared for the holiday season. But before you get too caught up in decorating this year, familiarize yourself with some of the most common Thanksgiving plumbing problems. This will give you the opportunity to prevent issues before they have a chance to arise. Look at the following plumbing tips to help you out this holiday season.

Clean the Scraps off Your Plate

Many of our favorite Thanksgiving side dishes are tough on drains and garbage disposals. Instead of throwing food scraps into the disposal, throw them out the old-fashioned way (in the trash can or a compost pile) to avoid having to manage a broken-down appliance on Thanksgiving Day. But if you need to discard waste by using your garbage disposal, do so gradually to prevent overloading the machine.

Be Sure Your Garbage Disposal Is Working

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make on Thanksgiving is forgetting to switch on their garbage disposal prior to putting leftover food scraps down their drains. This is especially likely to lead to extensive accumulation of scraps and a subsequent clog, so double-check the disposal to make sure it’s empty before you switch it on; let the water to run a bit before you put food down the disposal, and keep the water running while you run the disposal. This will make sure that nothing lodges in the drain and has an opportunity to cause a blockage.

Install in-Sink Strainers

A great method to stop clogs from developing in your drains is to prevent food scraps from ever getting down them in the first place. Sink strainers can effectively catch any food scraps that find their way into your sink and block them from tumbling down your drain and into your pipes. A sink strainer will also let water run into your sink, so you can still prevent buildup while it's installed. You can throw away the contents of the filter manually when you go to clean the sink at the end of the day.

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