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Plumbing Problems to Get Fixed Before Thanksgiving

If you’re opening your home to celebrate the holidays with your friends and family this Thanksgiving, you are most likely in the middle of determining how much food to make, establishing a grocery list, and decorating your house for the Thanksgiving Day.

One task that you may have not added to your list is having any plumbing problems taken care of in advance to deter the chances of an accident occurring and ruining your holiday. If you happen to see any of the following plumbing problems in your home, make it a priority to call a plumber before the big day.


Toilets that you must flush more than once may be clogged. Even though this may seem like a relatively minor issue, it can easily become serious if not handled promptly. A broken part of your toilet tank may also be causing the issue. Have a plumber come to help uncover the crux of the problem to avoid the consequences of an overflowing toilet on Thanksgiving.

Sediment Build-Up in Your Hot Water Heater

If the water in your home becomes cold far too quickly when someone uses the shower or bath for a while, have it looked at before your family and friends come to visit. This issue may be due to an accumulation of sediment that has developed at the bottom of your hot water heater. Get in touch with a plumber who can flush your heater and have it working effectively again for Thanksgiving. But if your water heater is over 10 years old at this point, it's a good idea to consider having a new one installed before winter.

Slow Drains

When it comes time to prepare Thanksgiving dinner, there will inevitably be several different food items and scraps that people will toss down your kitchen sink and garbage disposal. If your sink is draining slowly now, it may have a clog that is likely to get worse during the peak hours of meal preparation and cooking. Call a plumber to check your drain, so you don't have to worry about dealing with a backed-up sink on Thanksgiving.