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How to Clean Your Garbage Disposal

If your garbage disposal is emitting a foul odor, it might be time for a thorough cleaning. Garbage disposals collect food and other scraps from your kitchen. We’ve got some tips and tricks to get rid of the nasty smell in no time.

Flush With Water

Dislodge any grime from your garbage disposal with a rinse from the tap. Use hot water to melt any grease or other solid chunks that are hiding in the depths of your disposal. Add a bit of dish soap and turn on the disposal to get the blades moving.

Ice Cubes and Salt

Put two cups of ice and one cup of salt in the disposal and turn it on. Be prepared for loud noise during the chopping of ice, but the ice cubes will help to clean the gunk in the disposal and sharpen your blades at the same time.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

Lift the rubber flaps to the garbage disposal and fill the disposal with baking soda. Next, pour a full cup of vinegar down the drain on top of the baking soda. Let the mixture sit in the disposal for an hour. Turn on the disposal and run the cold water to clear any remaining powder.

Lemon Rind

It’s no surprise citrus fruits will help to freshen up your garbage disposal. The oils from the rinds will add a nice citrus smell to your kitchen. Toss a few lemon rinds or even a whole lemon in the garbage disposal and turn it on. The lemon juice mixed with the oils will clean your disposal and get rid of any stinky smells.

Use a Scrub Brush

Scrub out the inside of the disposal with a long-handled brush or an old toothbrush. Never stick your hand inside the disposal. Use a bit of dish soap on the brush and be sure to rinse the disposal after dislodging anything from the walls.

After a cleaning, your garbage disposal should be rid of any stinky smells or trapped food. Keeping the blades free of clogs will help the motor run more efficiently and will keep your kitchen smelling fresh. If you are experiencing problems with your garbage disposal, call Mr. Rooter Sacramento to come take a look.

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