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Yes, Your Toilet Can Back Up Into Your Tub or Shower – and Here’s Why

You may not realize it, but backup from your toilet can actually overflow into your tub. If it’s never happened to you, it likely sounds like a nightmare. Though it is a yucky job, it’s unfortunately a fairly common occurrence. If you are experiencing sewer backup to your tub or shower, call Mr. Rooter in Sacramento right away. Here are the most common reasons for sewer backup.

Tree Roots

Because trees are constantly seeking water, roots grow out and under trying to find sources of hydration and nutrition. California is a dry state. When the weather is dry, trees get desperate. A tree a block or two away can reach to your sewer line to seek water. If the roots break into your line, it can create a clog that quickly wreaks havoc.


A large enough hair clog can make the toilet back up into the neighboring lines of the shower. Look for ways to reduce hair going down the drain after having the clog jetted or snaked out. Some examples include hair catchers in every drain and not shaving over the sink.

Foreign Objects

Toddlers love to flush items down the toilet that don’t exactly belong there. If someone flushes a rubber ducky, doll, ball, or any other foreign object away, it could be the source of the problem. Professional assistance is required to remove a non-organic clog.

Grease or Scale

Other non-clog blockages create problems in pipes resulting in sewer back up. Two of the most common are buildup of grease (usually from the kitchen sink) or pipe scale, which is a hardened residue of calcium and magnesium that collects in pipes.

Sometimes the culprit of a pipe blockage creating sewer backup into the shower is not one single issue, but a combination of several. For example, if the pipes already have scale build up, foreign objects and hair are more likely to lodge. If you struggle with sewer backup into your tub or shower, the experience and smell is extremely unpleasant. Seek professional help immediately. Mr. Rooter can quickly work to solve the problem. We are here for your Sacramento plumbing needs!