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When Should You Replace Your Toilet?

There are several reasons to have a new toilet installed. You may be remodeling your home in Sacramento, or you don’t like the toilet and want something that is more your style. Beyond wanting a toilet that fits your style more, there are several reasons to get a new toilet.

Frequent Repairs

Repairing your plumbing all the time gets frustrating. If the problem is your toilet, it may be easier to get a new toilet than to keep getting your current one repaired.

If you have a toilet that gets clogged a lot, the clogging could be because you have an older low-flush toilet. The newer low-flush models tend to work much better. If you get a new model, you won’t have to worry about flushing twice, plunging as much, and you will save more water if you only must flush once.


You can save money, time, and water if you get a new toilet. Whether you are often plunging, spending money on repairs, or trying to fix the toilet yourself, a new toilet can help you save a lot if you have a problem with your current toilet. While it is an investment, you can have it installed and forget about all the issues your current unit gives you.

Water Damage

You may have a leak coming from your toilet that you don’t notice until your toilet becomes unbalanced. The leak may be because of a crack in the porcelain. Your floor can start to become damaged, and you may never notice until the toilet starts moving when you sit on it!

Your Toilet is Old

You may notice that your toilet is running a lot, so you must wiggle the handle or figure out how to make it stop. If you can’t make it stop, it may be because you have a problem with the rubber flapper or a fill valve. Toilets don’t last forever, and sometimes things start breaking or needed repairs regularly because it is an old unit. If you want to replace your old toilet, Mr. Rooter in Sacramento can help you decide on a new model and install it for you.