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Fall is a Perfect Time to Have Your Leaking Pipes Fixed

While it isn’t usual for Sacramento to have extreme winter temperatures, it is still more of a hassle when it is chilly outdoors, and your plumbing isn’t working correctly. Consider having your plumbing inspected so that you have peace of mind throughout the rest of the year.

Reasons for Leaky Pipes:

  • Pipes can start to leak around a pipe joint. A pipe joint is where two pipes connect. When water goes through the pipes it shifts directions and wears down the joint faster than the pipe because of the turbulence. Consider inspecting the elbows of your plumbing system often for leaks.
  • If you have hard water in your Sacramento home, then it can wear away at your pipes because of the high mineral content. Water can also wear away at your pipes if the pH value is more acidic. If you have problems with your water, then you will typically have issues with your plumbing.
  • High water pressure can put small cracks in pipes over-time. If you notice your water pressure drop, then it is likely that there is a leak somewhere in your house.

Trying to find a leak when you know there is a problem, but you don’t have the proof, can be an annoying process for homeowners. If you genuinely believe that there is a leak because of the typical signs, then Mr. Rooter can perform leak detection and inspect your property for a water leak.

Looking for a Water Leak

  • Start outside of your home! Check your landscaping and sprinkler system for leaks or a soggy lawn. Also, check around the foundation of your home and any outside faucets.
  • Inside, listen for the sound of water running in your home when you don’t have the water running. If you hear water dripping, trickling, or running in the walls or basement, then you have a leak that you probably won’t see until you have visible water damage.
  • Sometimes, people find leaks when someone turns the water off to the house. Turn the water off to your home, then go in and listen for any sounds of water in the walls, basement, kitchen, or bathrooms.
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